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Edward assures Michael he can get him out of trouble. He demands "full disclosure" in doing so however. Michael insists nothing happened.

Tracy interrupts and disagrees.

The teen is relieved to realize Tracy is talking about the incident at the country club. Kristina covers when Alexis wonders why she is so sure that there was another car involved with Claudia's accident.

Claudia asks her brother to stop arguing as Johnny questions Sonny's sudden concern for her. Once Johnny leaves, Sonny urges a dazed Claudia to fight to stay alive with their baby.

At the scene of the accident, Lucky describes to Mac the tire tracks found and they realize Claudia was probably forced off the road by an oncoming car.

Kristina confides to Michael about driving on Harborview Road where Claudia had her accident. He admits his own adventure on that road earlier. Starting her own investigation, Sam presses Jason to tell him everything he knows about the accident.

Later, Alexis confesses to Sam about deciding to go over to Mayor Floyd's house and fears that she was captured on the security videos that are at the mayor's home.

Sam realizes that she must have driven on Harborview Road. Alexis asks her if she can get Spinelli to securely erase the tapes.

Olivia warns Dante that he needs to get out of town.

Told it may be her only chance, Claudia refuses to take the drug when Patrick recommends one for her head trauma because it may also cause her to miscarry.

After telling Morgan to go to bed, Carly collapses.

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