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Mac presses Michael to tell him what happened while he was driving. Ignoring Jason, Michael admits he was tailgated by a car and later chased after it.

He admits he had to swerve to avoid hitting a car that was coming toward him. Mac congratulates him on telling the truth.

Morgan secretly listens as Kelly warns Carly and Jax that if she can't reduce her blood pressure soon, she is in danger of suffering a stroke.

The doctor suggests putting Carly in a relaxing, peaceful environment if she wants the baby to survive. Johnny is comforting when he listens to Morgan worry about his mother.

Hiding behind the door, Kristina listens as Alexis promises Diane that she did not force Claudia off the road. Insisting they find proof of another's involvement, Diane warns her client that she is in very serious trouble.

Jason calls Diane to come help Michael.

She tries to take him home but Mac reports that because he confessed to reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of a crime, Michael is under arrest.

Kristina overhears Sam telling Alexis that she deleted the video of her from the mayor's house. Hearing Michael confessed to causing Claudia's accident, Kristina asks her mother if she's going to allow him to do this.

Alexis runs to the station house while Sam asks Kristina what she knows about the accident. Olivia is sickened when her son admits that Sonny is his new boss.

After 6 hours in the OR, both Patrick and Robin congratulate him on Claudia's operation. Later, Kelly advises Claudia and Johnny that her baby has been steadily declining and will not survive even with a C-section.

Ronnie suggests to Dominic that now is the time to take down Sonny.

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