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Spinelli confronts Maxie and Jason. Wearing only a towel, he asks if either of them heard him singing in the shower.

Sending him back to get dressed, Jason warns Maxie she's got to stop him.

Maxie kisses Spinelli who claims it shows him that he needs to prove himself worthy of her love.

She denies it and downplays his desire to perform until she realizes that he really wants to do this.

Maxie urges him to get lots of practice first.

However, Spinelli overhears her on the phone later, trying to stop the karaoke night because Spinelli will humiliate himself. Dominic asks Kristina for help sneaking him into Sonny's house.

He claims he wants a job as a member of Sonny's security force but she won't help. He's forced to run off when Molly comes home.

Molly guesses Kristina thinks that Dominic is cute.

Blasting Johnny for failing to accomplish the last job, Sonny orders him to go back and do it right this time. Johnny reminds him that he was too busy saving Jason's life to get the job down.

As they head out into the night, armed and wearing vests, Dominic tells Jason he has an idea where the Zachara men are hiding.

He leads him to the cabin where they kill both hired guns. Dominic grabs Olivia from behind as she enters her place.

Carly rages at Edward for allowing her son to drive when he doesn't have a license but when the boys return, Michael's amazed that Carly's not mad at him.

Sonny however is furious and vows to take the keys away.

Carly interrupts and hands their son a temporary driver's license. As Robin and Patrick discuss motives for Brianna's murder, Andrea secretly listens from nearby as they run down one motive theory after another.

Later, Andrea does some breaking and entering.

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