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Maxie tells Jason she knows Johnny overheard a recording Spinelli had of Claudia. Johnny asks Jason to back off from his sister.

Meeting him on the waterfront, Rebecca warns Ethan that her secret past is out in the open now.

They discuss each person in their little game and how they should handle them.

Rebecca then runs to Jason and tells him who she is.

He promises he'll help her for Emily's sake.

Having overheard Ethan and Rebecca talking about their plans, Helena threatens Rebecca.

Luke catches her threatening her and warns her to back off.

Helena's bodyguard teaches him a lesson by knocking Luke out.

Nikolas advises Monica that Rebecca is Emily's twin sister who was sold after she was born. Hearing the truth, Emily guesses that Rebecca's known all along who she is and is privately planning something.

Holly calls Luke for help and lies that she's in trouble with a "gentleman who won't take no for an answer."

He seemingly falls for her cry for help but Tracy grabs his phone and tells Holly to find someone else.

Luke denies that he was going to help Holly and insists again that he won't leave Tracy for Holly or anyone else. Tracy tells him that if he leaves again, he shouldn't bother coming back.

Patrick and Robin hurry to the Metro Court after a frantic call for help from Olivia. There, in a room, they find Mayor Floyd with his barely-breathing mistress Brianna.

The mayor finally confesses that she hit her head in the shower while they were having sex and when he came back to the room, she was passed out on the bed. Hearing the EMTs are on their way, the mayor slips out the back way.

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