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In the bar in Singapore, Luke tells Ethan it reminds him of Holly. Ethan suddenly guesses that this is where he was conceived.

A woman secretly listens as they talk.

Tracy barges into the place and calls out for Holly. As she does so, she's grabbed by two thugs and assumes Luke hired them to take her jewels.

He denies it. Luke and Ethan save her from the robbers.

Lucky complains to Elizabeth about the new role Ethan has taken with his father and angrily vows to arrest them both if they break the law.

Explaining that because she is carrying his baby he could never hurt her, Sonny asks Claudia to be honest when he asks her if she had anything to do with Michael's shooting.

Claudia lies that she was not responsible. She claims that she would get an abortion or do whatever he wanted if she was responsible.

Sonny tells her that he chooses to believe her. Carly resents it when Monica tells Jason that she doesn't think Michael will wake up.

While Monica talks with Jason in the hallway about her "professional opinion," Patrick urges Carly to realize that Michael should have showed some sign of movement now that the anesthesia is done.

Jax tries to comfort Carly who he feels is afraid to face reality.

Later, Sonny confides to Jason that he's trying to give Claudia a false sense of security to trap her.

Showing her a court order for a paternity test, Ric advises Claudia that if it turns out she's carrying his baby, he'll tell the world and demand custody.

During a group session with other mothers suffering from post-partum depression, Robin is amazed to hear their emotional stories and admits she can't wait to go home to her baby.

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