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Michael lashes out at Carly again for abandoning him. Carly leaves the hospital room with Jax.

She blames him for talking her into leaving her son.

Things get worse when she badmouths her to Lulu.

Patrick advises Carly and Jax that he will not allow Michael to be released from the hospital for at least a few more weeks.

When Nikolas claims it was Rebecca's idea to cool things between them, Elizabeth suggests that it doesn't mean she can be trusted.

Maxie catches Spinelli bugging Kate's office so they can find out why she leaked the latest "Crimson" layouts.

Using the listening device, Spinelli hears Maxie convincing Kate that it's time for Johnny to be replaced by a new "date" for her promotional jaunts.

Olivia confronts Kate in her office and eventually confesses that she slept with Johnny after drinking at Jake's.

Stopping by the Quartermaine mansion to see Edward and the others, Holly and Tracy argue over the reason she's in Port Charles.

Back at Patrick's, Tracy hands Holly a check for $2 million if she'll leave town and not come back. Unimpressed, Holly announces that she's in town to take Tracy's husband from her.

Lulu argues with Lucky about accepting Ethan in their lives.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth tries to get Luke to see how much he's hurting Lucky by having Ethan in his life.

Later, she's taken aback to see Rebecca wearing blue, Emily's favorite color.

Dressing for her date with Nikolas, Rebecca deliberately dons a blue top after Nikolas pointed out how great she looks wearing the color.

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