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With water up to their necks and his cover blown, Dominic tells Lulu the father figure in his life was killed by Sonny. Johnny returns in time to save them.

Hearing her call Dominic "officer," Johnny questions his cohort who laughs at her "confusion."

Michael calls Sam to report that he found the car Claudia used to kidnap Carly. When the call is dropped, Michael emerges from the car and quickly finds the cabin.

Inside, Carly is pleading with Claudia to hand over her baby but Claudia ignores her.

As she heads for the door with the infant, Michael enters and hits Claudia with a baseball bat, killing her.

Jason and Sam burst in and hand the baby to Carly while staring at a stunned Michael. As Carly tries to comfort Michael, he apologizes for not telling her what he remembered.

Jason calls Sonny and orders him to bring Max and Milo to the cabin. He then instructs Carly what to tell the police when she's questioned.

Seeing Sonny, Michael tells him he killed Claudia and tries to take the blame. Sonny stops him and insists he "did good."

As they drive back to Port Charles, Sonny urges Michael to blame him for this mess and then explains it will take awhile to get past the killing.

Waiting for a groundskeeper to meet her at Kate's summer home, Maxie spots Sonny and Michael arrive in the rain.

Max questions Jason's decision to burn the cottage after getting rid of Claudia's lifeless body.

At the hospital Jax stares in disbelief as he holds his daughter Josslyn for the first time. Carly reluctantly reveals to him that Michael killed Claudia.

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