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Jax tells Dominic that Carly lied to the police. Sonny gives Michael a story he can tell to cover up what happened earlier.

He warns his son not to talk with anyone about how Claudia died.

After allowing Jason to hold her new baby, Carly asks him to tell her everything. Assuring her that Michael is with Sonny, he reminds her they must stick to their story.

Jason then reveals how long he's known about Claudia and confirms that Jax also knew. He also guesses that Claudia sent Jerry after Michael and Kristina when they went on the run to Mexico.

A shaken Johnny updates Olivia about finding the stolen car.

She guesses they'll never know what really happened but he claims Sonny killed his sister and tells her what Maxie saw.

Calling him into the station house, Lucky questions Jason about where he went after he left the building earlier.

Jason won't talk. Mentioning the tape they took from Sonny's office, Lucky points out that it's proof she planned a murder.

Johnny tells Michael that what his sister did was an accident.

Michael rages at him, warning him not to apologize for her trying to kill him and lets slip that she got what she deserved.

Jax points out to Sonny that because he has covered up what Michael did, his son will never be able to get past killing Claudia.

He blasts him for turning him into another thug without a conscience but Sonny counters that Jax knew all along what Jerry had done and never told anyone about it.

Though Carly insists it was wrong to put her son in danger, Olivia defends keeping secret about Claudia.

Assuring Sonny he still wants to work for him, Johnny warns him that Joey Limbo is in town. Carly orders Jax to move out.

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