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Sonny assures Claudia that the party he's throwing for her will show the world they are a team. He calls Carly to hold October 29th open.

Carly asks why he's throwing "that witch" a party.

She later orders her staff to overcharge Sonny and argues with Jax who suggests that Sonny and Claudia are alike.

Jax tells Carly she won't be allowed anywhere near the party.

Turbulence hits Sonny and Claudia's flight. Olivia's not happy to find Kate chatting with Dominic at Jake's.

She assures her son that "Connie" would never tell anyone their secret. Dominic warns them both that if she blows his cover, he'll be a dead man.

When Olivia pleads with her to go out of town for awhile, Kate refuses for fear that Dominic may kill his own father.

Michael wonders to Kristina what Sonny will do once he leaks that Claudia was responsible for his shooting. He laughs when she guesses Sonny will hand the information over to the police and suggests that he'll kill Claudia.

Kristina is stunned to think that he's going to let this happen.

After Michael leaves, Kiefer arrives and boasts that he's been too busy to call or text. He insists that she meet him at the hotel room on Thursday and badgers her until she agrees.

Patrick wonders to Robin whether they should warn Claudia about Jason's discovery. Stunned to hear clearly on Ian's recording Claudia ordering a hit on Sonny, Jason tells Sam that he's not going to tell Sonny.

Johnny assures Dominic he did the right thing refusing to go to bed with Claudia. Michael warns Johnny that he remembers hearing his sister apologize for putting out the hit on his father that put him in a coma.

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