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Joey won't allow Johnny to leave the warehouse. Anthony calls him to report he's being kept safe until Joey takes out Sonny and Jason.

Johnny warns him that Claudia's secret is about to be revealed but Anthony's unconcerned. After Joey boasts that he pays his debts, Johnny warns that he's signing his own death warrant.

A hungover Lulu wakes and spots a naked Dominic trying to get dressed.

She accuses him of taking advantage of her but he denies it and claims to have hurt his back while sleeping on the couch.

Still not sure how she ended up drunk and at his place, Lulu refuses to believe that he didn't take advantage of the situation.

Dominic admits that he let her kiss him but insists he wouldn't do anything to harm her. Meeting his father at the waterfront, Lucky asks him why got drunk last night.

Luke downplays his drinking and then mentions his concern about Elizabeth. Upset, Lucky sends his father away but then confides in Nikolas about his concerns about her.

Nikolas urges his friend to back off if he's having second thoughts. Lucky hurries to the hospital and tells Elizabeth that he wants her and doesn't need perfection in a relationship.

He suggests that she take her time to find a way to forgive herself.

Unable to reach Sonny with what he's learned about Claudia, Jason asks Max to follow her to the Metro Court and assures Sam he'll do what has to be done. Sonny assigns Dominic to escort Claudia to the hotel.

After ignoring her threat against his mother, Dominic tells Sonny he'll help host the birthday party. Meanwhile, Claudia demands that Olivia tell her where Johnny is.

Jax urges Sonny to cancel the birthday party for Carly's sake but he refuses.

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