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Max and Leroy are assigned a case where they have to find a monster that snatches people. They ask Annie to come along because she is an expert on this monster but Leroy warns Max about pulling double duty with his job and impressing Annie. They get to the woods and Max sees the monster about to attack a son and father so he rushes in. Leroy and Annie follow Max but they end up lost in the woods.

The group runs away from the monster in a cabin and Max runs out to get the backpack that the dead guy in the cabin left behind. Annie volunteers to carry the dead guy out as bait for the monster only for it to take the body with an explosive attached which seems to work. 

Annie admits to Max that she was happy to hear that he liked her. She thinks they have to figure some things out first but afterwards maybe they could 

Barry notices that Ava is acting weird and figures out it is about a guy. He gives her advice and she starts to overshare about her love life. 

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Ghosted Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

You mean you've seen the Wizard of Oz?


It looks like I murdered a Smurf.