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Max and Leroy are sent on a mission to investigate an incident where a man aged in front of some teenagers. They need to go undercover at a country club, with Leroy being a member while Max is his caddie. Through Max's interactions with others he finds out that caddies don't last long at the club and then he and Leroy see one of the members acting weird. Campbell gets his foot run over and he just walks it off as if nothing happens. 

The group realizes he isn't aging so Leroy, Max and Annie go to a party where they can try to find some clues. Max is a waiter while Annie and Leroy are rich members that scope out the place. Leroy realizes that Campbell hasn't aged for many years and gets kidnapped by him.

Max and Annie discuss him not wearing a wedding ring and he provides some insight into what he is thinking about when it comes to his wife and what happened to their relationship.

Max and Annie save Leroy and he apologizes for what he mentioned to Max about his wife when he was in charatcer. 

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Ghosted Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

We've all seen Benjamin Button.


I'm not going to be serving clubs, I'm going to be serving club sandwiches.