Luke and Lorelai in Love - Gilmore Girls
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Lorelai and Emily begin their therapy sessions. As expected they have a challenging time opening up to the therapist about their years of troubled arguments.

Emily tells Luke that Richard allotted money for him in his will that was meant to be used to expand the diner into a franchise. 

Luke doesn't want to expand the diner, but goes to see real estate with Emily anyway. He doesn't tell Lorelai, keeping it secret from her.

Rory and Logan continue to see each other in London, but when they run in to his father at a restaurant, they lie about the nature of their relationship. It turns out that Logan is engaged to be married.

Rory continues to fail at every attempt at a journalistic lifestyle, even reaching out to Mitchum Huntzberger for a favor in desperation. After getting rejected by an online blog that courted her, Rory decides to give up and move back home. 

The International Food Festival takes place and we finally meet Lane's dad, Mr. Kim.

Michel and his husband Frederick want to adopt a child. 

Paris and Rory attempt an alumni event at Chilton and discover how much, and how little, they've changed since they were teens. 

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Gilmore Girls Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

If something's good, keep it the same.


Lorelai: (whispers) How much time do we have left?
Emily: Stop asking that.