Cheering for Max - Ginny & Georgia
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Marcus is struggling with depression and putting on a happy face.

Gil is upsetting everyone with how much he's around. He's even inserted himself into Austin's family tree.

Marcus shows up to Joe's cafe drunk. Joe and Padma try to sober him up, and Padma drives him home. She finally tells him how badly he hurt her.

Max and Marcus discuss love, and Marcus is afraid to depend on Ginny for his happiness.

Max is worried people will laugh at her in the play. Her dad assures her she has a special talent.

Parents are upset at the school board meeting. Georgia suggests an idea without talking to Paul.

The Bakers are worried about Marcus.

The two meet with Mr. Gitten, who says Ginny dropped his class. Zion is worried about Georgia, but she assures him she can take care of herself.

Mr. Gitten tried to move the class on, but Hunter and Max facilitated a discussion on Sister Outsider.

Joe is worried when he sees Gil, so the next day when Cynthia sees Georgia and Gil fighting, she interrupts them.

Joe went to see Cynthia and admit he did have a thing for Georgia. He apologized and admitted he did think he and Cynthia were friends.

Austin was playing hide and seek in Tom's room and saw his mom do something to Tom.

Ginny is terrified of what's wrong. She thinks Marcus is breaking up with her, and it's something she did. She keeps repeating that he'd love her forever.

Everyone in the play was a success. Max returns home to check on Marcus, and they hear a gunshot.

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Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

It’s not Ginny. I love Ginny. She’s the only thing that makes me happy. That’s the problem. No one person should be responsible for your happiness. That’s not fair.


Listen, high school can be rough, man, but it doesn’t last forever.