Ginny's English Dilemma - Ginny & Georgia
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Ginny and Georgia have been bonding and watching movies on the couch.

Georgia confronts Zion for keeping something so important from her. Ginny tells Marcus her mom knows she burns herself.

Gil tries to convince Georgia he's changed. Ellen bursts in as Gil and Georgia are arguing about him seeing Austin. He charms her, and the women discuss the wedding.

Ginny chose Sister Outsider as her book. Mr. Gitten wants her to lead the class discussion.

Gil showed up at school and charmed all the moms, so Georgia let Austin go to a hockey game. Paul thinks they should have a custody agreement with Gil. Ginny talks to Simone about the law.

Ginny and Zion arrive home at the same time as Gil and Austin. Paul doesn't look thrilled with Gil.

Marcus showed up drunk with a flask at school.

Georgia insists on staying for Ginny's therapy session. The therapist states it's about giving Ginny a safe space and help. Ginny appreciates her mom but needs her to listen more.

Georgia and Ginny drink from Marcus's flask and discuss the therapy session. Abby needs help. Her dad has a new girlfriend, and only Ginny understands.

Ginny refuses to lead the class because she shouldn't be singled out to do more work. Max followed her but realized how selfish she'd been.

Ginny texts Georgia to come to the cafe. It's her surprise bachelorette party, and they sing karaoke to her. Georgia thanks Joe for having it there.

Georgia freaked out, thinking Gil had taken Austin, and then they returned home with ice cream. There's a flash of a gun.

Ginny & Georgia
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Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Georgia: So you move into town, move into a trendy toaster and you unilaterally get to decide what’s best for her?
Zion: Oh, you mean like when you took off in the middle of the night, and I didn’t see her for a year?
Georgia: I was 16. You’re 34. We don’t keep secrets.

Ginny: I feel like we haven’t left this couch in days.
Georgia: We are the couch. The couch is us.