Sharing Poetry - Ginny & Georgia
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Georgia thinks Ginny is playing games by making Paul breakfast.

Georgia meets with Austin's teacher, who says he's behind and suggests testing.

Georgia wants an expensive wedding at the Mount. Paul prefers a more intimate wedding at a barn.

Ginny bought Austin a game with the credit card in his name. She and Georgia have a huge fight.

Marcus worries about Ginny, but she blew up at him, saying he's hovering, so he loses patience and leaves.

Georgia invited Zion to the wedding since he's the only family she is.

Ginny and Bracia visit Zion, and he takes photos of them for the play. He likes that she's making new friends and also encourages her to make the most of her therapy. Georgia hates that Ginny is keeping things from her.

Marcus finds Ginny writing poems. They create a funny one about Christmas and Halloween, and then she recites one about their fight. He reassures her he's staying.

Abby asks Ginny to hang out and smoke weed. They're both lonely and need a friend. They dye their hair and return to school together, upsetting Max.

Zach stole the Emily Dickenson poems the neighborhood club needs. Georgia offers to return it and hints Cynthia will owe her one.

Ginny arrives to work high and unloads to Padma that she hates that everyone thinks she's evil.

Ginny loses it on Georgia, mentioning someone named Mary, and Georgia has a panic attack.

Ginny tells Marcus the secret she's burdened with, and he comforts her.

Ginny sees her mom crying in the car. She wants answers on why Georgia killed Kenny. Georgia killed him to protect Ginny from him since she'd rather be dark than Ginny have a childhood like hers.

Ginny & Georgia
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Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Georgia: you went into my purse?
Ginny: You put it in Austin's name. I figured he might as well get something out of it.
Georgia: I did that out of necessity.

Georgia: I need you to grow up. I'm so mad I could...
Ginny: Kill me?

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