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Jo is coming today! Jake is helping with the dishes and he thinks Jo should stay in a hotel. 

Jake's working as a director on Blood Sister and it's not Abby's favorite as far as timing goes, but she works with it. 

Jo is witty as hell. Phoebe is the first friend Jo meets. Jo just looks on in as though she cannot believe these people are real.

Phoebe tries to wow a designer with her Infant Fableaux line promo show and it's kind of awkward, because it's not just any designer, it's Ralf's new girl! 

Max tries to get fresh with Ford and he turns him down. Things aren't going well.

Delia is trying to negotiate on behalf of Beach and he tries to get fresh with her at the table, making her even more difficult to like.

Charlie says Chad says mommy's computer is thirsty. He spilled his sticky drink on it. Abby has to run out and Jo stays with Charlie. She tells him Chad is an asshole and offers him a beer.

Max and Ford continue to argue.

Jake checks in with Becca on Blood Sisters.

Jo tells Abby she'll watch Charlie until Zoe gets there next week. Oh yes, her 12 year old will be joining her shortly.

We're forced to suffer through more bedroom time with Delia and her client for reasons unknown.

Phoebe tries to get information from Carla by needling her with odd questions, but Carla doesn't catch on. Ralf walks in and the gig is up.

Abby gets a call while they're waiting for the but and the teacher demands she take Charlie home because Charlie wanted her to eat the corn out of his poop. "It was Chad!" 

Jo gets Abby's pitch on her computer and Abby whips off her jacket and heads into Blood Sisters to talk to Jake. 

Gordon is angry at Delia for trying to get his money because some relationship thing.

In the studio, Abby's phone goes off and hell breaks loose. Abby wants to be a better team. She didn't know Jake and Becca broke up and Jake wants Abby to step up like he did for her for years.

When they go out, Max thought they were going out to talk and Ford wants Max to go flirt with other guys to make him jealous. Max wants to call a car.

Jo calls Abby down for an emergency. Chinese food has emerged! Isn't she an extreme vegan? Hell no. Abby wistfully wishes she could get into a wayback machine then wants to escape back to her bedroom.

Phoebe is sitting outside the restaurant where Ralf and Carla are going and crying. She's not enjoying her life without him at all.

Jo and Abby hated each others guys Jo thinks Abby left her because she hated Rob. They both lay it on the table and at the end of it, Jo points out Abby is bleeding. In her room, Abby tosses her pregnancy test in the garbage and starts crying. 

Max and Ford are arguing about flirting. It turns out they had an "arrangement" before they had kids. That arrangement? They slept with whoever they wanted. Not cool. 

Apparently Abby and Jo always had the same fight and that's part of why they haven't been friends. It seems Jo is Abby's female Jake. Jo admits she' left Frunkus for good this time and she can't talk about it. Abby says if "The Mouth can't talk about it then it must be bad. She's sorry they disappeared but she and Jake were in a bad place. 

The doorbell rings and it's Phoebe. She's a sobbing mess. She looks at everyone else and sees solid women and thinks if she's not attached to someone she'll just float away. It's not about Ralf, but the other women.

Abby pitches the new book idea. The 10 Divorcements. How to untie the knot without unraveling your life. When Jo tells her she just stood up and crapped out that pitch, Abby said yes, it is full of shit. Jo agrees and says to use that. Abby has no idea what she's talking about, but the old Abby would have known exactly what Jo was trying to say.

Gordon's wife walks into Delia's office. She demands Asia, or she'll have her disbarred for screwing a client.

Abby goes into her pitch meeting, She's one of the girls. She's been workin' her ass off, but he whole things sucks. She's been distracted, she's getting a divorced and she essentially just kicked out the entire first seven episodes of Girlfriends' Guide in our language and pitched it. She needs to know that sometimes she can say that sometimes she can say her husband is dead because sometimes she wishes her husband was dead and she wants to write about the crazy shit. They loved it.

Phoebe freaks when she's asked about her line because Ralf is there. She needs to know if it's stupid. Abby tells her it's not stupid, but it's beneath her. That prompts a trip to the bridge with all the crazy babies and they toss 'em all over.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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