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Abby is running with Phoebe and Delia to try to get fit. She's clearly not enjoying it as much as the others. Phoebe suggests going to Vegas to get their wiggle on because she's launching the baby jewelry line. Abby suggest inviting Lyla since she loves Vegas. 

Jake and Becca have sex, but she's not satisfied. She wants a deep emotional connection and she doesn't feel it. He doesn't want to over think it and thinks he's emotionally blocked. She has a guy... a shaman. He's helped her let go of a lot of stuff. He agrees to go with her.

Abby pitches books... Private School Confidential. Except the chickie says the world doesn't want her involved with the parenting market anymore. Light bulb. What about divorce! 

Cleo Stevens is disgusting. She compares herself to Abby in her videos as she's chewing her own sandwich and feeding it to her baby as ABC turkey. 

Lyla is at the office chatting with Abby on the phone. She mentions Vegas and invites her along, even though Delia is going. 

Back at Abby's Phoebe dumps out a bag of drug candy to take to Vegas. They head out on the trip and discover Lyla there with a car. That's when Abby learns Lyla wasn't invited. They try to decide if a Vegas trip or a drug trip is what Lyla needs. Abby is very skeptical.

At the shaman's place, They're breathing out. It's odd. Jake doesn't like when the shaman wants them to trip. He has allergies, after all. They're going to fast for 12 hours and then trip.

In Vegas, Abby is trying to stay true to her cleanse, but it's hard when all the ladies are tripping. It's even more difficult because Cleo Stevens is in town for a book signing. Baby dressed adult women deliver babas full of booze to the ladies poolside. 

From the pool to the quite room in the spa. Where Abby gets kicked out as she reads from Cleo's book. Cleo suggests skipping baby bath time to get her wine on and washing baby's hair more than once a week means she has less time to lather up her husband.

Abby gives up her cleanse and gets drunk really quickly, even demanding Delia and Lyla talk about why they hate each other. They admit they got off on the wrong foot, threat to threat and now they're done.

Abby offers to help Phoebe with the baby shoot. A few drinks later and Party Vegas is Puking Vegas as Abby vomits into the toilet. She's a party downer and a social media pariah. Delia thinks they need a new plan of attack. That includes blackjack. And losing. Except Lyla, who is winning.

Jake and Becca are sweating and look horribly unhappy in the sweat tent or whatever as they're stoned. It's rather horrible. Becca tries to tell people she only plays a character on TV while Jake screams he wants to direct.

Lyla wonders if Abby needs to leave. Abby thinks she's being voted off the island. She heads toward the room and runs into a big Cleo Stevens poster.

Meanwhile, Delia thinks Lyla is scamming the system and counting cards to win and they start to argue just as Lyla notices someone staring at Delia. The man makes his way over and Delia is confronted. He calls her Delbar.

Abby gets a pizza and a glass of wine and she's hit upon by a guy named Glenn, in town for the eyewear convention. He tries to be funny. He's not. A hot man steps up and saves her, even taking a bit of her pizza. They start to chat. His name is Juan Carlos.

Delia and the old man are arguing over her judging her only living parent. Suddenly Delia hates Vegas. Lyla tries to figure out what's happening but is shut down by Delia who says she knows Lyla thinks she breezes through life because she shows a little leg, but she doesn't know her and doesn't deserve to because she's always been spiteful to her.

Abby learns Carlos is a gigolo. She cannot believe it. She has no desire to pay anyone for sex, but she'll do it for a chat to research a book or something. What the hell? Abby feels better knowing he at least picked her from across the room.

Becca can't find her heart. Jake asks the shaman to help her find it. Jake starts to cry. He starts to take his clothes off and says he needs to go home. He grabs a blanket and he's off.

Abby is getting a foot rub from Carlos. She's talking about Cleo and even Carlos says she's all an act. Carlos used to care what people though of him. His sister even thinks he's going to hell. He decided nobody truly interesting is universally liked. If people don't approve, screw 'em.

Jake's walking down the roadside in a blanket. 

Abby wakes up in Carlos' room and rolls off the bed to escape.

Phoebe and Lyla are trying the baby session. The photographer is angry at her. Three babies cannot be happy together so she needed to call in 12 babies. A baby needs changed and Phoebe snaps at Lyla to figure it out. Lyla snaps, hands the baby to Phoebe and walks. Seconds later, a baby is choking because they ate the bracelet. Whoops. The mom wonders what's wrong with her and Phoebe says it's just coming out the other end and then she can keep it!

Abby gets cash for Carlos. He doesn't feel right taking her money since he was exhausted and fell asleep. She says no backsies. A photographer gets her handing cash to the guy. They talk it off as being a friend who lent her money for her losses at the roulette wheel. The journalist tries to get a statement from Abby. She uses the nobody truly interesting is universally liked line. 

When Abby gets back to the room, Phoebe is pissed and Lyla gets a call. She loses the kids 70/30 custody in Dan's favor. Since she's never home the boys feel more emotionally connected to Dan. Delia acts like she cares. Lyla says what she did to her wasn't helpful at all. She made her miss storytime at the school. Abby realizes they didn't know it was this bad. Lyla wants to fly back because she doesn't want to ride back with them.

The ride home is quiet, but the ladies are chugging champagne.

When Abby gets home, Jake is in the living room in a tuxedo jacket with no pants on. Ass all bare. He's holding a gourd. Remember baby gourd, he asks. He tells her she's tripping. They lay down. He's wearing his wedding tuxedo. They start to kiss and I think they make love.

Lyla arrives home in the boys' room. She decides they should take a trip. An adventure.


Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Yes, but this is divorce. It's painful and sad and nobody wants to read about it.


Jake: Awwhh! That was a workout. Amazing!
Becca: Yeah, that was great.
Jake: Yeah that was great? It was a little more than great.
Becca: Yeah. It's always so physical, you know?
Jake: Yes! It's sex. By definition, physical.
Becca: No, I mean, we've never really made love, you know?
Jake: No. I don't know. Really?
Becca: Like, when you hearts are open and it's not just two bodies connecting. It's emotional. It's deep.
Jake: Yeah.
Becca: You've never felt like that before?
Jake: Sure I have. I mean we're still new. We'll get there.
Becca: Well, I feel it for you. I guess I'm just not getting it back.