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It's another school event with all in attendance.

Abby is flirting with Nate via text.

During a girl's night, Lyla reveals how horribly her child custody case with Dan is going.

Abby cannot wait to tell Lyla she say Phoebe was kissing a married man at school, and Lyla rings into her -- emotional infidelity is far more brutal.

Nate and Abby have carpool together where they attempt banter, but fail miserably. They both have "a thing" to say, but Abby wants to go first. Abby can't go down the married man road again. He has a great reveal -- he left his wife.

The girls and Max are shopping. Max is such a dude for a gay guy. I love him!

Lyla lets the kissing secret out. It gets kind of ugly, as Lyla casts stones, but Phoebe says she's helping save their marriage and understands why people say Lyla has anger issues.

Phoebe thinks a back rub will fix Lyla's anger issues.

Abby and Nate have dinner. He shares a story about Paul Newman slapping him on the ass when he won an Oscar for best screenplay. The really get along fabulously.

They head out to a record store, and Abby shares she's amazed they have so much to say after they shared so much digitally. She wants to hear his super secret Oscar story, but he wants it to be post first kiss. They head to his bachelor pad.

The kiss is awkward at best. On their second try, Nate even gives directions. It's so awkward. H thinks a kiss in the rain might be a good idea, turning on the sprinkler and giving her a bubble umbrella. Suddenly his son arrives home and she dashes off.

Max agrees Abby is kind of electrified even after the awkward date.

There is a laugh out loud scene when Lyla is receiving her massage thanks to code word: Phoebe's friend. Judge Reinhold.

Lyla's son arrives home with a special dinner from Dan. Inside is an invoice to pay asap. Over $2700 to the mediator. She throws the brilliant dinner into the trash.

It almost seems like Nate talks too much. He keeps talking during sex and when Abby tells him to stop she wonders if he's too huge. He then pounds her like a freakin' rabbit and... again more awkward moments. Hardly marriage ending material.

A conversation about cold tongue, warn nipples and Nate's wife's cold nipples ensues and yes, they're terrible together. He wants to compare it to a romcom problem. it just dind't go well the first time. When he wants to try again, she fakes a yawn. Oh lord.

In the morning, Abby is awake in the bed, listening to the lawnmower, chewing her nails. She starts to chat about how their bad sex was romantic due to their deep connection that was forged previously. He tells her to shut up. 

Abby runs into Delia at the coffee shop and compares her previous night to When Harry Met Sally. Oh my. It was like that, but I don't see a happy ending coming.

It's time for the Family Equality Council's 15th Annual Gala. Max and Ford are the honorees. As the past honoree takes the stage (Laverne Cox from OITNB), Lyla and Phoebe practically come to blows. They're about to be called on stage, but Max is with the ladies as they fall apart. He has no desire to return to the room, much as Ford begs him.

Max thinks everything he does is overlooked by Ford, who thinks only of himself. When Ford finally gets on stage, he shares how he really feels about Max. How they fit and how he made him dream about forever.

Abby goes to the airport to find Nate. Except it's not an airport... he's directing or something. They agree their emails surpassed any attempt at real life. They realize they helped each other realize their marriages weren't in trouble, but over. 

And when Nate tells Abby about his super secret Oscar story, it's about shitting his pants. She's not at all impressed and wants to make sure they never ever ever have sex again.

Phoebe is having sex with the couple and not just the husband. 

Lyla heads out to a restaurant to eat a dish as close to Dan's as she can get.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Nate: Wow! This is such a great reveal.
Abby: Reveal?
Nate: I left my wife.

What you're doing is actually more intimate. It's emotional infidelity and that is so brutal on the spouse, trust me. Ask Jake, or Nate's wife... or me.