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Will wakes up next to Abby and they talk about their beautiful faces as they discuss Thanksgiving. Will has mad poultry skills. They've been a thing for over three weeks. Is it too early for Thanksgiving together?

At the school, Marco flirts with Phoebe about her cute outfit. Uh oh! He doesn't think he's flirting, but he was flirting. AND looking her up and down.

While Delia is having coffee with Albert, her father comes in from Baltimore. Awkward.

Abby goes home with Will for Thanksgiving. They'll have a mishmash 50s holiday classic and new cuisine. 

One of the construction guys finds a box buried in the yard and it's full of old love letters and photos. 

Jake calls. He's sick and the kids should spend the holiday with Abby. Abby's a mess about Jake.

Abby, Jo and Phoebe shop for new groceries since the kids won't eat goose or Jo's "trailer trash" food.

Delia's father is an academic who works for the center of socialist thought. He has prostate cancer and needs money.

Zooey and Lilly are reading the letters from the box. Dog barks at the crack in the wall and a window slams. The girls think it's Frank from the letters.

Later Abby is in bed reading the letters crying as the lights flicker. 

When Abby asks Jake about coming even with the kids, he looks visibly freaked for a minute and then acquiesces. 

Charlie runs into the bedroom. He's scared.

Abby realizes Frank was having an affair and that's why everything with Bertha was so clandestine. Jane was his wife and he was in love with Bertha!

Marco doesn't believe in Thanksgiving, but despite that Phoebe invites him. After all, if the food doesn't get eaten, it will be landfill. 

Abby tells the kids Will is coming to Thanksgiving. Charlie is at first worried he might be his new dad, but is pleased he might play ping pong.

Delia wants to bring her dad to Thanksgiving, making it 12 people.

As Charlie has a tantrum on the floor because he wants daddy to come to Thanksgiving, Jo realizes the oven stopped working and then the pinata breaks on the floor.

Jake shows up to Thanksgiving dinner with pies because Charlie texted him. 

The entire Thanksgiving dinner falls apart from there. God, politics, girlfriends, husbands, fathers, green people, revisionists and more.

Delia's father was kicked out of his country, she wore salvation army clothes, she didn't get to be with her mom and she never understands.

Jake and Abby make up and talk about how hard it all is, but then Will leaves.

Marco shares his story about being clean with Phoebe and how her kiss made him feel alive. Then they kiss again.

Delia's dad won't take the money because he doesn't have cancer. He got a DUI and if he doesn't pay, then he'll go to jail.

Abby and Will bury the box again in the back yard, but the window still slams shut.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
Episode Number:

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Abby: Will is officially my new boyfriend.
Jo: Oh, is this how we do it here in Los Angeles? Should I send you gifts and shit? Of course not. Throw a pinata party, something like that?

Abby: I like your face.
Will: I like yours.