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Jo is working on an auction for the school.

Phoebe and Marco are in bed. She invites him to the fundraiser. The theme is Orange is the New Black. 

Abby and Will are going to the fundraiser as Bonnie and Clyde because Bonnie was also a poet. He gives her some poetry.

At the school, Phoebe wants to leave when she sees someone named Corey who is a photographer. Abby wonders what's up. We do, too.

Jake is doing student interviews in the entryway. He's directing the video for the fundraiser. Ben Affleck did it last year. He's dating someone new.

Delia was doing some retail therapy. Abby meets her at the office about the terms of the divorce. Alimony is up for grabs now because they're both working. Abby doesn't want to go back on her word to Jake, but Delia is pushing her to do it. It's the last battle and she needs to prepare for it to get bloody.

Jo pulls a dish out of the dishwasher and it's not dry, so she dries it on her ass. 

Lilly doesn't want to take Zooey around with her anymore. Lilly is jealous of Abby talking to Zooey, but Abby isn't upset Lilly talks to Jo. Lilly says maybe it's not too late to switch babies.

Delia discovers Gordon took his business elsewhere and she needs to win him back at a corporate dinner.

Marco doesn't want to accept gifts from Phoebe.

Jo manages to score Zooey an invite from some girls at the school. The hamburger phone is missing.

At the divorce chat, Jake gives up all alimony and suddenly Abby wants to talk about sleepaway camp. Delia has a hard chat with her about the whys of doing that. 

Gordon tries to use his business as leverage to win Delia back but it's a horrible thing to do.

Marco ad Phoebe talk about their shared backgrounds. Her parents grew weed and moved her around. She never graduated from high school. 

Jo comes up with a great story about Ivan Reitman taking back the Juno hamburger phone on off the cuff. It was amazing!

Photographer Corey put up a nude of Phoebe for auction. Anyone dressed as someone from A Clockwork Orange cannot be trusted.

Jake made a beautiful movie for the kids' school.

Abby wonders why now? Why is he coming into his own now, after they separated. She's so jealous of whoever gets him next because she was in the trenches and the next person gets the wind. He thinks she's just pissed that he is finally getting some of what she got her entire life and maybe if she hadn't had it, he could have gotten it.

Jo busts in... Zooey was arrested.

Phoebe is buying the photo and Marco is upset at her. She's lost. That she was wearing a Marilyn Monroe sweater wasn't a coincidence.

Jo finds the hamburger phone in Zooey's laundry basket.

Gordon is a client, Delia's on the way to partnership in more ways than one.

Looking for Will at the door, Abby answers the door in her nighty. They have a beautiful talk and he gives her the necklace she wanted from the auction.

Will shows up, Jake heads out the back gate and Abby cries a little. So do I.


Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Delia: This is not about sleepaway camp.This is about separation anxiety, OK. I know, I know it gets really hard when it gets to the end. But it's time.
Abby: Actually, Delia, camp is important and I know maybe that's hard to understand when you don't have kids... sorry.

Only white people think partying in a prison jumpsuit is a good time.