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Abby is at the hospital and her pals are visiting. The father is Taye Diggs! LMAO! Well, she couldn't have a hotter father for the baby is she tried and it's a Private Practice connection. Too funny.

The doctor wonders if Abby has been on a juice cleanse. She's run down, dehydrated and needs to eat a sandwich or ten. And it's her birthday. The next time she collapses, she could smash her head. People die that way. LMAO.

The gals pretend they're all going to celebrate Abby's birthday on Thursday when it's really going to be for Delia's bachelorette party. Jo wants to kidnap her. She'll get the masks. God. I love Jo.

At the office, Delia brings up the New York office. She wants to send herself there to stop the poaching of clients out of the office. Albert is the only one who seems taken aback by the proposition. It's a full room, however, so it's unanimous. They'll miss her.

Abby has a cake at her house waiting to her from Jo. Abby, however, wants to clean first. Jo says Scott's cake has to be eaten.

The face of divorce photo someone wants to put on her book cover is gigantic. Abby wants to work, but Jo wants to protect her. Abby is worried new trends will take over and she'll have to start over again. She promises she'll decompress after it's all over. 

Learn to meditate is second on her list after unfriend Harris.

Scott is flirting at Rize when Jo says something to him and he says, "that's my boss." The ass put his telephone number in the box. Dammit!

JD and Phoebe are waltzing around. She's excited about something, but JD isn't so much. It was his night, she's sorry and can they move on? Yes.

Charlie and Lilly come home to Abby's. Before cake, family talk. Turns out Becca's baby isn't daddy's! Lilly just hopes Becca will still want her to babysit and now that they're not related she'll get paid. They have no real feelings on the matter. Unlike Abby. They do like the cake, though.

JD doesn't think much of Phoebe's friend the art person.

Lilly goes to see Abby while she's cleaning out the nursery. Lilly offers to talk with Abby if she needs to talk. 

Phoebe delivers JD his first check. He needs more canvases. Maybe they can take a break. He's not interested in sex. He was researching his new line of work, which meant he masturbated two, maybe five times.

Phoebe confronts him about watching porn and they argue.

Abby serves dinner to the kids before the bachelorette party. Her editor is ready to use the Tweets between Abby and Harris because the pages Abby sent were crap. Abby starts to freak and they have words. She says she won't use them, but Abby better deliver a badass manuscript.

The girls go to kidnap Delia and she actually runs before they take off their masks.

On their way to stripper land, Delia reveals she's moving to New York.

When the strip show virgin is taken by the dancers, Abby starts talking about Delia who will stay in New York for as long as Gordon wants. Barbara says how about they table the discussion and enjoy?

When a dancer starts putting his crotch in Jo's face, she freaks a bit. Not good.

Delia does a body shot and notices Drakkar Noir.

Barbara is having the firemen crawl all over her. Abby goes on stage and does her own strip tease. Oh lordy. Delia has to coax her off the stage. The two then have words and Abby says she never had asked to be her secret keeper. Abby starts screaming about bar fights, she's a bar fighter! Then they're keeping out.

Delia says she trusted her. Abby says she's sorry she spoke up at an inconvenient time. Abby said Gordon is a wonderful, charming manipulator. He calls all the shots. Albert is her cry of independence. Even if she runs off to another city, she'll still want her freedom. Delia tells her to reconsider being in her wedding. Abby says she'd rather be honest than be there.

At home, Lilly asks if Abby got dry humped.

Abby eats some cake and then pukes while her daughter holds back her hair.

JD is at Phoebe's house. He doesn't know if he's doing things because he wants to or because he wants her. Apparently they're in love. 

When Jo gets home, Frumpkis is at her house. He had keys, but only for emergencies. Charlene left him for a German tennis pro. He wants Jo to hold him.

Albert goes to Delia's place. He gives her a gavel. He can get her appointed. He wants her to stay. For him. If she's going to marry anybody, he wants it to be him. 

Abby wakes up and is almost worse than she was the day before. Manic anyone?

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Gosh. It's so weird coming home in the same clothes I went out with. It's so Orange is the New Black.


Abby, I think we should celebrate gently before you expire from the juice cleanse.