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Jabby wake up in bed. So...Right? FF to 72 hours earlier. He walks into the house to apologize to Abby, well, not really. He was wrong. End of story. He doesn't want to revisit it. Her either. She wants to make out.

He thinks they should go up to the someplace before he goes to Latvia and she goes on fake dates. Abby suggests holing up in the house all weekend instead. Quickie in the garage? Haha. I love yous are exchanged and they're off.

Phoebe and her friend Maria (Mario?) run into Delia at the coffee shop. It's Charlotte from Haven! They might be in the all-natural women at any age Sears campaign.

Delia and Gordon are looking at houses, and he really likes the one with male and female bedrooms. What?! 

Jake arrives at Abby's and she's ready in a teddy. It's time to get it on!

Later, after sharing how they didn't give each other enough goodie cookies while they were together, they get ready to have it on the table. Then Abby worries about disorder in the house and Jake taunts her. A food fight and lots of drinking and sex ensues.

Holy naked batman! Talk about disorder.

Delia and Phoebe are getting high and chatting, and Delia is worrying about the separate rooms. Phoebe is not over drinking and siding with Gordon. Alone you can binge Netlfix, for example.

Abby had gotten up and cleaned the entire house while Jake slept and she woke to him watching sports. They start to argue when he wants to try to get her interested in it by making her "dance" with basketball. She smacks him and they realize they're provoking each other. 

Delia is at a new open house to learn that there are only houses with dual masters on the list from now on. She's not happy about that.

When Zooey comes home to tell Jo how much she dislikes Dad's new gal, Jo couldn't possibly be happier. Then Jo learns the truth. Zooey and Charlene got on like gangbusters.

Jake can't find his neighbor, who happens to be in jail. Jo gives him a lot of pills, however. and he heads home. She's there with her disco suit on getting a call from Dr. Harris. She fell asleep before Jake came home. In the morning, he's fixing the vent. 

Phoebe does her photo shoot.

Delia and Gordon go with the one bedroom after she sexes him into it while on a look see. Then she learns he played her. She only decided SHE wanted one bedroom after she might not have her man next to her. 

Over at Abby's, they're arguing over the vent and that he left a piece out. It seemed pretty important to Abby, so she wanted to Google it. Then Jake got mad then they both got mad and oh my GOD.

It ends in a big, giant fight where Jake calls himself a monkey that can do no right and Abby says she's a woman who always feels like shit around Jake. They don't make each other feel about each other how they really do at all. It's terribly depressing.

Phoebe discovers her "friend" "stacked the deck" with their third friend so it would be easier for her to win the little competition. Phoebe wonders what she was going to say about her. 

Back at Abby's, the kids wanted Jake to stay when the came home and later Abby wants Jake to sleep in their old room instead of going home.

So what was the answer to sooo...right? We still don't know. They decide to walk away despite the fact their hearts are breaking. They pretend they've given it their best shot, but they haven't, and that's what hurts the most.



Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
Episode Number:

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Jake: I think we're either going to save our marriage or we're going to end up in a mental institution together.
Abby: Same difference.

Abby: Last one naked has to do whatever the other one wants.
Jake: That's a win win!
Abby: I know.