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Delia doesn't want to talk about Abby. Abby is manic and doesn't want to talk about Delia. Barbara is the one pushing Abby to think twice about skipping her wedding.

Phoebe calls Abby and tells her how disappointed she is in her for what's happening with Delia. Abby gets a call about Charlie. He needs a cup for baseball. Or else. Did I know Abby had a dog?

Frumpkis arrives at Rize drunk as hell. She needs to take him home. Scott wants to help, but she's about had it. He's giving her whiplash with the way he's on again off again. The look on his face is adorable and painful.

Phoebe and Delia are about to watch movies together, but JD shows up saying his landlord kicked him out. Guess he's crashing girls' night.

Phoebe gets a text from Barbara. Abby is a mess. She doesn't know what she's doing, really, and she sees Harris is having a book signing. She wonders how he finished his book so fast since he's always in another random country screwing a random woman. A chick Google images her. She's the older girlfriend!

Abby lost her ticket from the parking garage. THAT's where she decides to have her breakdown. She breaks through the gate and drives off. 

Delia, Phoebe and Jo are having a sleepover, sucking on penis lollies and dancing to "What about your friends," while Abby suffers at home alone, working.

Delia finally gets a text from Abby, but it's not quite the apology she was hoping to receive. All Delia can hear in her head are the friends who told her not to marry Gordon.

Abby finishes her project, doesn't see a reply from Delia and crawls into bed with her clothes on.

It's Phoebe's wedding day! Abby wakes up to a call from Phoebe, but she doesn't answer it. Delia isn't nearly as excited as she should have been. She has a quick errand to run, so she decides to skip her massage. Top secret bride stuff.

She's at Gordon's office. She's in a super sexy pair of underwear in her own bedroom. Screw superstition.

Zooey is very worried about her dad. Jo wants her to stop. Scott is listening in, concerned. The two of them are still not on the same page. Possibly not in the same book.

The girls see Abby's photo from the day before online. People even called her a dumpster whore, among other terrible things. Jo is appalled. She and Phoebe get ready to go save Abby. Barbara thinks they're nuts. But she joins them.

Delia and Gordon happily say goodbye until the wedding.

The girls break into Abby's house while Abby is bathing. Barbara screaming Ugh Naked has to be my favorite thing.

Abby apologizes to Delia at the wedding. 

Jo gets a drink before they head to the church. Scott admits to Jo he's a coward. He gives the most perfect romantic comedy speech ever. It brings a tear to Jo's eye and she's not alone.

Oh God. Albert sent the photos to Gordon. He fucked over Delia.

Abby gets a call from her call from her editor. She wants an entire do-over. The whole thing. She says it's a lost cause.

Gordon didn't think there was anything Delia could do ruin things, but she did it. He says he should have paid attention to the fact she didn't have friends or family. He wonders what else he can do other than going out and telling everyone she's a whore. She says she'll do anything. So he makes her. She has to walk down the aisle and put on a show.


Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Phoebe: So back off, because he's not goin' anywhere.
Jo: The claws come out! I like it. You should suck on candy dicks more often!

I will no longer be punished! Anymore! You can...you can take your trolley, and you can take your ticket, and you can shove it up your aaaasssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!