The Next Level - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Abby and Barb get an office for Lady Parts because one celebrity tweet sent them into the stratosphere.

Lilly told her she wasn't having real sex, but doing other things. Abby wanted to share this time with her by way of conversation, so she's disappointed it's been happening without her.

Gemma sends Phoebe to see JD as part of an art project. She says P's her girl. She needs to get her happy back.

Barbara gets Lady Parts a tv spot and Abby needs to take Lilly to the gyno. She suggests that Barb do it herself.

Delia tells Albert that whatever he's doing after the divorce is working for him.

At the Rex retreat, Jo wants to know from Albert why he ran after sex. She really liked him and thought they could be great together. He doesn't get a chance to respond before the retreat begins and then they learn it's a no-talking retreat.

Phoebe gets to JD's new place. She's almost embarrassed to discuss the idea. Phoebe admits she misses JD. We can see one of the pieces he's working on is a drawing of Phoebe.

Abby hired a media coach for Barbara and Abby leaves right in the middle of Lilly's gyno appointment.

Abby is such a mom. She won't allow for any real discussion of birth control options and Lilly learns nothing.

Delia is angry when her decision to partner her firm for a case is scoffed at because her co counsel wants to run for city council.

Phoebe and JD have sex, and afterward, she brings up Gemma ruining the mood. He kicks her out.

Phoebe finally gets it and tells Gemma to get out.

Abby gets annoyed at Barbara's tele-freezing and the entire reason she froze is because Abby meddled when it wasn't appropriate. Again.

The retreat is terrible. Jo cannot think straight.

Abby has sex with Will. Then she wants to clear the decks before Lilly gets back. Not sure what that means, but it makes for another awkward moment for Abby.

Jo totally misunderstands everything that is happening between her and Albert. He really likes her. She only knows of him through Delia. She's not taking her own understanding of the man into account.

Lilly had sex with Ethan and it was really good. Lilly thinks maybe she likes him too much. Abby assures her it's better that way. To love, get hurt and repeat. To have sex without being in love is much different.

Jo slept on it. She wants to give it a try with Albert.

At the office, Delia learns Albert is coming back from the same direction as Jo.

Phoebe goes to JD. She quit Gemma and wants him to come home.

Abby and Barbara make up and it's beautiful.

Phoebe shows up at Lady Parts. It's over.


Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Hey, sex with an ex can be fun. They know how to work the machinery, you know what I mean?


I think dick shopping is stretching the meaning of cultural attache.