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On Girls Season 4 Episode 3, Hannah finds herself with way too much free time on her hands. It makes her question whether she really belongs in Iowa. Elijah on the other hand, is thriving, making friends, and has gotten back into photography.

When the two attend a poet's party, Hannah gets fed up with being pigeonholed about her story and lashes out at the other writers in her group. She picks them apart one by one with a brutally honest judgment that definitely leaves a lasting impression. 

You can tell she is uncomfortable throughout the entire episode, as Elijah manages to fit in so easily in a new place. She also triple-locks her new bike and it ends up getting stolen anyway. She has to get a ride home from a Mennonite with a horse and buggy, not an Amish man, as she clarified to Jessa.

Back in New York, Marnie and Desi have a meeting with record executives. Once again Marnie feels awkward when the execs assume they are together. Earlier in the day she had had a conversation in which Ray assured her that she is being used and is the mistress.

Jessa gets arrested after an AA meeting with Adam for public urination and ripping up the citation. Adam gets arrested for standing up for her. Ray bails them both out.

Shoshanna goes on a job interview.



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Girls Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Marnie: I am not the mistress.
Ray: You are 1000 percent the mistress.
Marnie: Not if I end up with him.

Oh hey, I see you haven't back off on the self tanner.

Jessa [to Elijah]