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Hannah is lectured by her boss, Principal Toby, for regularly disparaging the other teachers to their shared students. Hannah uncrosses her legs while wearing a skirt and no underwear, baring her vagina at a stumped Principal Toby.

Fran gets upset at Hannah for having shown her vagina to Principal Toby. They argue.

Jessa and Adam chat prior to his performance in an interactive play "38 Neighbors." Jessa worries about everyone (especially Hannah) seeing them. Adam tells her to make sure she watches from the fire escape for the best view and leaves.

Fran and Hannah continuing arguing inside "38 Neighbors," the interactive play Adam is in about the Kitty Genovese murder. Fran refuses to make a scene in public. Hannah tries to tell him that she's not sure their relationship is working for her anymore. She spots Ray and goes off with him, avoiding Fran.

Marnie arrives and asks Ray to come outside to speak with her. She tells him that she left Desi and that she realizes she needs to be alone for a while. Ray is clearly disappointed.

Elijah attends Dill's fancy party. Dill checks in to ask Elijah how he's feeling and expresses how happy he is that Elijah is there beside him. He kisses Elijah.

During the performance, Hannah looks at the window and spots Jessa on the fire escape as Jessa is smiling at and watching Adam. She realizes that something is going on with the two of them and becomes very uncomfortable.

At Dill's party, Elijah leaves to get Dill a drink and talks to another guest. The guest lets loose that Dill is simultaneously seeing other guys. Elijah gets more and more disturbed by the information and finally dismisses the other guest.

Hannah finds Marnie and asks whether Adam and Jessa are fucking. Marnie tells her she doesn't know. Hannah gets angry and starts to shout. Marnie leads her out of the room.

Elijah tries to calm down in the bathroom at the party, but Dill comes and finds him. Elijah asks him about what he heard from the other guest. Dill doesn't deny it and tells Elijah that it's good that he found all this out now. Elijah tries to ask about their situation. Dill gets upset and tells him that he's glad they had the talk and suggests he leaves if he's not comfortable. Elijah gets upset and steals all of Dill's products in the bathroom and leaves the party.

Marnie takes Hannah to a spare bedroom at the play and lets her rant. Desi barges in and tells Marnie that he got a call from a famous music supervisor Alex Patsavas who wants to use their song for a big death scene on "Grey's Anatomy." Desi tells her that he and their manager talked and that they need to ride the wave of popularity and tour the song.

Dill shows up at Elijah's apartment very drunk and tries to initiate sex with him. Elijah reluctantly gives in, only for Dill to fall asleep mid-sex.

Fran finds Hannah after the play and asks if she's ready to stop fighting. She ignores him when she spots Adam and Jessa leaving. She stops them to congratulate Adam on the play and to say hi to Jessa. They both react awkwardly and leave together.

Hannah starts crying and avoiding looking at Fran. Fran doesn't understand what's happening and think she's stonewalling him. He tries to touch her and she slaps his hand away. Hannah apologizes and Fran wonders whether she wants to be alone for the night. Hannah assures him that she doesn't. She takes his hand and leads him home.

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Girls Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Oh, Hannah wants to do something rude, disruptive, and inappropriate. What a twist.


I was not rolling my eyes at you, I was looking up at a cloud formation that looked a lot like Blake Lively.