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Fran continues to yell at Hannah for breaking up with him and treating him badly. Hannah calls him a jerk again and offers to pay for an Uber so he can leave with his stuff.

Marnie has a "love dream" about Ray, in which he has long hair and she's brushing it as she gets him ready for school. She confides in Elijah about it. He's judgmental.

Shoshannah goes to visit Ray at the coffee shop. She offers to help out with branding and marketing so they can compete with Helvetica across the street.

Elijah goes to the store to buy a new outfit in preparation to convince Dill to have a monogamous relationship with him. He's helped out by a sales clerk called Demelia.

Hannah goes to the school and clears her desk out. She runs into Principal Toby and tells him that she doesn't think she'll be coming back next year. He's sad to hear it but gives her a heartfelt wish for the best. She apologizes for flashing her vagina at him earlier in the yea.

Hannah runs into her old frenemy/classmate, the writer Tally. Tally mentions that she's back from a retreat and asks if Hannah wants to hang out. Hannah reluctantly agrees.

Desi and Marnie meet up to clear the air. Marnie tries to convince him to end the not talking to her but before she can convince him Tandace comes to retrieve Desi. They leave together.

Elijah goes to visit Dill at work and delivers a heartfelt speech, trying to convince Dill that he is worthy of a serious, loving relationship or he will be alone when he's older. He actually breaks through to Dill and Dill agrees that he does want something serious -- but not with Elijah. Dill tells someone he wants someone less aimless. Elijah gets upset and starts to tear up.

Shosh goes to Helvetica "in disguise" and takes notes on the competition.

Tally and Hannah go to a hotdog place. Hannah tells Tally about her breakup with Adam and how she has stopped writing since her experience at the Iowa Writers' Workshop. She mentions that she was only dating Fran to get over Adam and Tally encourages her to go after Adam. Hannah explains that she can't because Adam is now dating Jessa. Tally comforts her.

Tally and Hannah leave the hot dog place. Tally notices that a man failed to lock his bike and convinces Hannah to steal it. They ride off and ride through the city joyfully, to Tally's apartment. Tally invites her in to smoke a joint.

Shosh reports back to Ray and Hermie about Helvetica. Shosh proposes that they re-brand Ray's as a place for the "anti-hipster." Hermie and Ray reluctantly agree.

Hannah and Tally smoke. Hannah confesses that she's so jealous of Tally. Tally can't believe that Hannah is jealous of her and confesses that she Googles herself every day. She needs to see how other people see her in order to perceive herself. She also feels that she's created a persona that is no longer herself. She gets emotional and confesses that hanging out with Hannah is the most fun she's had in seventeen months. She tells Hannah that she's had a lot of experiences to be proud of and that she has a lot to say. They proceed to get super stoned.

Marnie goes to Ray's apartment and confesses that she had a love dream about him, despite the fact that she's supposed to be alone right now. She tells him that she wants to brush his hair and kisses him, but still can't believe that he's the one she loves. Ray tries to reassure her that it's him.

Tally and Hannah, still very high, leave Tally's apartment and run into Adam and Jessa. They both burst out into fits of hysterical laugher, weirding Jessa and Adam out.

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Girls Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Tally [about Jessa]: Yeah, I mean, from what I remember, she has really amazing hair.
Hannah: She has amazing hair, she's an amazing person. She's just not a person I can have in my life right now. And the worst part is, like, I miss them both, you know? I love them both so much, I don't know who to warn about the other one. And I could do what my instinct is, which is run around and destroy things and scream and try to throw myself in front of a van to make a point but end of the day, that would just be me fulfilling all of their expectations of me and I would love to surprise someone sometimes.

Dill, I know you would never admit this to yourself, but don't you want to be with somebody who sees you for you? Beyond all this. I'm the only person who's gonna be honest with you about your bad jokes and the fact that, no, you don't look better with a shaved head. And if you say your private life is private and go and see Cher in Las Vegas, that's not the same thing as coming out of the closet. But all those guys you have around, all those fucking guys you just have... they're only going to tell you what you want to hear, and they're going to cater to you because of your fame and the stuff that you have. I don't want your stuff. You're going to end up with nothing, and you deserve everything. Dill, don't you want to be with someone who sees you for you? Don't you want a boyfriend-someone? Who's honest?