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Fran looks at one of Hannah's class assignments and starts correcting her student's paper without her approval. Hannah tries to tug it out of Fran's hands and ends up ripping the paper.

Marnie returns home to her apartment early from her mom's house, where her neighbors react to her angrily. She finds Desi leading construction in their studio apartment, building a wall in the middle of it without her knowledge. Marnie yells at Desi, who tries to tell her that he was doing it because she'd said they need more space and he interpreted it as them needing more privacy. Marnie storms out after they get into an argument.

Adam barges into a women's only AA meeting that Jessa is attending. He's told to leave but the elevator ends up leaving without him. He waits for Jessa outside afterward, asking her why she's avoiding him. She tells him that it's because of Hannah and he gets angry and storms off.

At Ray's coffee shop, he complains to Elijah about Helvetica stealing all their business. Elijah confides in Ray about his nervousness over his date with Dill Harcourt and how he might be meeting Dill's famous friends but isn't sure who the friends might be.

Hannah's student asks her about the ripped assignment. Hannah brings the student over to Fran's classroom and demands he come out. She angrily confronts him about his marks on her student's assignment, making Fran and the student uncomfortable.

Hannah goes to Jessa's apartment and complains about Fran to Marnie and Jessa, though Jessa doesn't really want either of them there. At Hannah's words, Marnie has a realization about how she's treated Desi and leaves to apologize to him. She warns Hannah to work things out with Fran or she'll wind up alone.

Elijah and Dill go on their date. Elijah is nervous. Dill notices that Elijah keeps looking at the door and Elijah admits that he was expecting Dill's friends to join them. He mentions that if their relationship is one where he wouldn't meet Dill's friends, he'd be okay with that. Dill tells him that he shouldn't be okay with that and his friends arrive.

Marnie goes over to see Desi and apologizes to him for picking at him. They reconcile and have sex.

Jessa and Hannah go to get rice pudding, with Jessa annoyed that Hannah dragged her out of her apartment, where Jessa was studying. Jessa makes several snide remarks directed at Hannah. Hannah asks Jessa what's wrong and Jessa denies anything is wrong and continues to be cruel. Hannah suggests that maybe they're growing in different directions and that perhaps Jessa no longer wants to be friends with her. Jessa agrees, shocking Hannah. Hannah leaves, but not before angrily telling Jessa off and calling her a bitch.

Elijah and Dill go for a romantic post-dinner walk through Times Square, as Dill is stopped periodically by fans for pictures. Dill kisses Elijah passionately.

Jessa shows up at Adam's door, shaky and unnerved, and tells him that she just saw Hannah. She confesses to Adam that she's wanted them to be together for a long time. Adam admits the same and kisses her. They proceed to have awkward, "bad sex."

Elijah and Dill have sex, with Dill giving a nervous Elijah very specific instructions during sex.

Hannah and Fran sit apart in her apartment, silently grading their own papers and not interacting.

Elijah walks through Dill's impressive apartment and glances out the window and the impressive view of the city.

Jessa stares at sleeping Adam and lays her head on his chest.

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Girls Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Ray: Do you even care? Do you give one flying fuck about my economic decimation?
Elijah: Yeah, a little.

That's how I got pregnant, so... careful.

AA Woman [to Jessa]