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It is Marnie's wedding day. As her outdoor wedding is set up, she worries about whether it will rain, convinced that it will. Shoshanna tries to reassure her that it won't and babbles on about her new life in Japan. Marnie's mother tries to micro-manage the wedding, to Marnie's annoyance.

Hannah wanders in, having overslept. Marnie asks that she help out by maneuvering the hair and make-up appointments. Hannah is confused by this request.

Jessa arrives and notices Marnie's stressed mood. She tries to calm her down by telling her that rain on her wedding day means good things for her fertility.

Fran arrives at the girls' room, having been invited over by Hannah, to Marnie's annoyance. Marnie quietly asks Shoshanna to get rid of Fran for her and tell Hannah that it was inappropriate to invite Fran over. Shoshanna reluctantly does so and Marnie pretends that it was Shosh's idea, annoying Shosh.

Hannah walks Fran out to the guys' room. Ray sits as Elijah, Desi, and Desi's friend Wolfy are meditating. Hannah leaves Fran in the room but right before she leaves, Adam joins the group. They exchange slightly awkward pleasantries. Fran and Adam are extremely awkward with one another. Fran offers to leave, but Adam refuses.

Meditation wraps up. Desi gives an impassioned speech, thanking all of the guys for being there, except for Fran, whose name he can't remember. Fran is mildly offended and surprised that Desi can't remember him.

Bebe, the make-up artist and hairstylist, works on Shosh's hair. Shosh chats about living in Japan and how much she loves it there. Marnie tries hard to appear nonchalant, but continues to micromanage the wedding's aesthetic. She tries to verbalize her ideas, with the stylist finally settling on "Selena Gomez meets Jesus."

Jessa hangs around outside with curlers in her hair to smoke a cigarette. Adam joins her, laughing at Jessa's curlers. Jessa asks if it's weird that Fran is over there with the guys. Adam insists it is not, and that he doesn't care. He is happy for Hannah. Jessa agrees with him. Adam suddenly kisses Jessa quickly. After initial hesitation, she passionately returns the kiss. Adam leaves abruptly as Jessa curses quietly to herself.

Ray talks to Fran privately, quizzing him on his intentions with Hannah. He asks whether Fran is serious about her. He gives a long rant about "young men" these days who suck the spirit out of spirited young women, only caring to have sex with them and not be serious. Fran is a little alarmed. At Fran's cautious prodding, Ray admits that the love of his life (Marnie) is getting married that day, but that he doesn't have the guts to stop her and knows he isn't the one she wants.

Fran and Ray's conversation is interrupted by Desi having an emotional breakdown and storming out, telling Wolfy not to follow him. Ray asks what's going on and Wolfy confides that this is Desi's 8th engagement but he really thought that Desi was serious about Marnie since they were going through with it. Ray follows Desi outside.

Bebe works on Marnie's hair. Marnie's mother criticizes Marnie's choice of wearing a floral crown. Bebe starts to work on Hannah's very short hair while the mother and daughter bicker. Hannah tries to resist doing anything to her hair, preferring to feel like herself. Marnie and Marnie's mother angrily insist that Hannah do something, anything, with her hair to go along with the wedding's theme. Hannah storms out after Bebe accidentally burns her with a hair straightener. Marnie's mother wonders why Marnie bothers with Hannah and criticizes Marnie's hair again. Marnie kicks her mom out.

Hannah sneaks out to have sex with Fran in his car. After, Fran confides that he found out over in the guys' room that this is Desi's 8th engagement and that Marnie's ring was actually for Clementine, his ex-girlfriend. Hannah is shocked and alarmed, immediately thinking she should tell Marnie the truth. It suddenly begins to rain heavily.

Ray follows Desi to a pond, wading into it after Desi and trying to calm him down. Ray gives Desi a speech about sacrifice and destiny in the name of love, insinuating that Desi should let Marnie go for someone who actually loves her. Desi misunderstands, believing Ray is telling him that Desi is Marnie's destiny and he shouldn't let a few "botched marriage attempts" on his part get in the way of Marnie's destiny. He happily gets out of the pond and rushes to get ready for the ceremony, Ray trying to catch up.

Marnie puts on her wedding dress and goes downstairs. Bebe has put her in a full face of very heavy makeup, assuring her that it is appropriate for her dress. Hannah, her gown completely soaked and put on incorrectly, laughs when she sees Marnie. Shosh joins them and also wonders if the makeup she's wearing is a bit heavy. Bebe flips out, calling them all bitches, and storms out. Marnie freaks out, yelling at Bebe that she looks ridiculous. She breaks down and hides out in the bathroom.

Hannah joins Marnie in the bathroom. She tries to assure Marnie that she looks beautiful. She apologizes to Marnie for being awful for the entire day, saying she is scared because Marnie is marrying someone Hannah hardly knows. Marnie criticizes Hannah for not being there for her for years, when Marnie herself has supported Hannah through countless bad choices. Marnie asks Hannah if Hannah thinks she's making a mistake. Hannah tells Marnie that she doesn't think so and that she is with Marnie every step of the way. They hug, but neither of them look reassured.

Jessa returns and is shocked at everyone's insane hair and make-up. Jessa snaps into action and fixes everyone's looks quickly.

Desi heads towards the altar, taking Adam's and Wolfy's hands. Fran supports a clearly upset Ray.

The girls separately head towards the altar, casting off their ponchos as the rain has stopped.

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Girls Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Shoshanna: Oh, wow. You look so whimsical-slash-beautiful.
Jessa: Thank you. I just bathed in the stream and then I ran through the field to dry myself.

By the way, living in Japan has made me so effing good at folding, steaming, pressing, et cetera. My friend Satako says that I'm, like, a complete natural, and could totally compete with the best of them. They have this reality TV show there called "Fold, Fold, Press" which is kind of about being human.