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Hannah has a Modern Love column published about Adam and Jessa hooking up, which all of her friends and family read (except for Jessa). She then meets with an editor from Slag Mag who assigns her a piece where she has to go out to a Montauk surf school and write a piece about the wealthy white women who go there.

Marnie, meanwhile, is struggling with her relationship with Ray, not wanting him to live with her. She is uncomfortable when Ray suggests going to stay with Shoshanna and basically forbids that. Ray instead goes back to crash with Adam where he's made uncomfortable by Jessa lounging around completely naked. Jessa and Adam also moved all of Ray's stuff into a small corner, making him feel very unwelcome.

Hannah struggles with the surfing instruction and butts heads with another woman named Ginny after she accidentally takes Ginny's wetsuit. She meets Paul-Louis, a down-to-earth surf instructor. She falls down and "injures" her arm, going to the nurse in an attempt to get an excuse to get out of surfing. It doesn't work so instead she just avoids going back to surf camp all day.

While drinking at a bar, Paul-Louis approaches her and opens up about his work life. She also asks him about whether the female instructors have sex with their female students. Paul-Louis tells her sometimes they all have sex together. Hannah invites Paul-Louis to drink with her. They eventually go out to a party, where Hannah gets extremely messy drunk and Paul-Louis impresses her with his rapping.

Hannah and Paul-Louis leave to have sex. Paul-Louis keeps attempting to have sex with her in increasingly "acrobatic" positions, until eventually they just have to have sex normally because of Hannah.

Ray stays at Shosh's place, where they're completely in sync with one another. Marnie drops by with coffee from a big chain and is made uncomfortable by how close and in sync Shosh and Ray are.

Hannah wakes up the next morning and immediately vomits. She also has a weird sunburn. Paul-Louis insists on showing Hannah around to make her see the greatness of the beach. Hannah reluctantly agrees. They walk along the boardwalk together and along the beach, with Hannah getting more and more comfortable. They also make out in the sand and play around in the water before going back to smoke weed and watch Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. 

They go back to the beach. Paul-Louis open up about his travels and his background as a kid from Detroit with fighting parents. Paul-Louis' enlightened (and kind of beach-bummy attitude) about love being easier than hate touches Hannah.

At Marnie's apartment, Marnie and Desi contentiously finish splitting up their assets. They fight about their band and Marnie criticizes Desi's girlfriend Tandace (who Desi angrily clarifies is his therapeutic companion, not his girlfriend). Marnie expresses doubt about her musical abilities and Desi roughly tells her that she's talented, which touches Marnie and leads to sex between them.

In bed with Paul-Louis, Hannah suggests that she stay in Montauk for a bit longer, getting an AirBnB to write in and getting to know Paul-Louis better. He thinks that's a great idea but also mentions for the first time his girlfriend coming to town, who he has an open relationship with. Hannah is taken aback and a bit upset at the news. She eventually gets over it, saying "Why get mad at fun?"

Paul-Louis and Hannah end their time together by sitting around a campfire with the other surf school workers, while one of them, Teo, sings and plays guitar.

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