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Hannah is offered a teaching position at a college upstate. She asks for 24 hours to think about it. Elijah is upset that Hannah wants to leave New York. That night, he serenades her with Demi Lovato's "Cool for the Summer." It's clear they're both sad about the idea of her leaving.

Hannah meets with her dad Tad and his partner in Washington Square Park. They encourage her to accept the job and leave New York City, promising that she won't be that far away and that they'll visit often.

Throughout the day, Hannah repeatedly tries to call Marnie to ask for her advice on what to do, while she's going through a "goodbye tour" of the city. Marnie repeatedly ignores Hannah's calls.

On the train, Hannah flirts with a guy, but he abruptly stops flirting with her when he notices that she is pregnant. On her way home, she bumps into Caroline, who has recently returned recovered from a short stay in the hospital, with Sample. Caroline gives Hannah her blessing to leave.

Hannah decides to stop over at Shoshanna's apartment. When she gets there, she sees that there is a party going on. Shosh is surprised and a bit peeved that Hannah just stopped by without asking, explaining that she hadn't invited Hannah to her party because Hannah hadn't even told Shosh that she's pregnant when she'd told everyone else. Shosh informs Hannah that the party is her own engagement party, to a man named Byron Long.

Hannah finds out that Marnie, Jessa, and Elijah were all invited to the party and not her when she spots them there. She confronts Marnie about having avoided her calls, and Marnie explains that she didn't want to make Hannah feel left out by mentioning the party that night. 

When the four women start sniping at each other, Marnie demands a group meeting in Shosh's bathroom, to which they reluctantly agree. Marnie attempts to force the girls to resolve their differences so that they can go back to being friends and hanging out normally. Hannah reveals that she was offered a job upstate and that none of them will probably ever see her again, surprising Marnie.

Shosh interrupts, saying that they can no longer be friends and how she's realized that she doesn't like their dynamic. She explains that the other people at the party are her actual friends. She leaves, saying they can stay if they want to. Midway through the group meeting, Elijah barges in to inform them that he got the part in the White Men Can't Jump musical.

After the group meeting dissipates and they all return to the party, Hannah and Jessa have a heart to heart, crying and apologizing to one another. Hannah reveals to Jessa that her baby is a boy, making Jessa the first person she's told. Jessa reassures her that the baby will be perfect.

The episode ends with a montage of the four girls dancing individually at the engagement party, intercut with scenes of a very pregnant Hannah moving into her new house upstate.

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Girls Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

I just don't understand why you would want to leave New York, okay? That's like something your family makes you do when you're too deep into crack to stop them. It's not something that a young, vibrant, albeit pregnant, person does.


And I'd like to remind the three of you not to sleep on this friendship. Because I know it feels like it's just gonna be love and lust pushing you forward, but lust fades and friendship never does. If you nurture it.