Watch Girls Season 4 Episode 3 Online to see Hannah start to fall apart in Iowa. Is the workshop really for her or did she make the wrong choice?

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Watch Girls Season 4 Episode 3 Online to see Hannah begin to doubt her decision about attending the workshop in Iowa.

With only one class a week, Hannah realizes that she has too much time on her hands. Meanwhile Elijah is thriving by making friends and taking back up photography. He reminds Hannah that she always pulls the same thing.

Things get really awkward when Hannah decides to be brutally honest to the other writers in her group. She tears each of them apart after feeling pigeonholed.

Back in New York City, Marnie and Ray talk about her and Desi. He tells her that she's the mistress and that even if Desi breaks up with his girlfriend, it would still be a mistake to be with him.

Marnie and Desi take a meeting with record executives. The meeting goes well but the execs mistakenly think they are together, which sets Marnie off. She tells Desi what she wants, but he still won't break up with Clementine.

Jessa gets arrested for public urination after an AA meeting with Adam. Adam gets arrested for getting aggressive with the cop who is frisking Jessa.

Shoshanna goes on a job interview, but only uses it as practice.

Episode Details

On Girls Season 4 Episode 3, with only one class per week Hannah ends up with lots of free time on her hands. Back in NYC, Shoshanna goes on a job interview and Jessa gets in trouble.

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Girls Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Marnie: I am not the mistress.
Ray: You are 1000 percent the mistress.
Marnie: Not if I end up with him.

Oh hey, I see you haven't back off on the self tanner.

Jessa [to Elijah]