Watch Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Online to see how Hannah handles her transition to the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Also see which one of her friends surprises her!

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Watch Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Online to see how Hannah handles the transition to Iowa.

Hannah has finally arrived for her Iowa Writers' Workshop. Things are initially great. She finds out that real estate is way cheaper and ends up getting a huge place. A bat somehow finds its way in, but otherwise it is huge.

Hannah and Marnie videochat to catch up. Marnie is nervous Hannah will ask about Adam, but she doesn't even think about it until Marnie mentions it. Marnie then admits that she is knitting a scarf for Desi. She still won't admit that they are having an affair though.

Slowly things start to go wrong. Hannah's bike is stolen after she's told that she doesn't have to lock it up. Her cell phone breaks. Her Amex gets declined at the book store. She has to call people collect.

Also Hannah gets rough feedback at her first fiction class when everyone calls her out for writing a story based on herself. Despite drinks with people after she is still discourage.

Elijah surprises Hannah, wanting to get out of New York anyway. He drags her to a party where they have the best time.

Episode Details

On Girls Season 4 Episode 2, Hannah is thrilled with her new place but not with the feedback she gets from her fellow writer's workshop members.

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Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

I mean a lot of people think I'm 19. I get carded all the time and no one think I'm legal, like in the bedroom.


I mean, two thumbs the fuck up.