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We meet Will's parents in this episode. His mother has a slight problem with booze, while his father (played by Victor Garber) wishes he had instilled more confidence in his son - but both are so excited to hear that Terri is pregnant. (Except, you know, she's not.)

Meanwhile, the glee club takes issue with Will's dance moves. Rachel blatantly tells hiim they need help because he isn't a choreographer. The cheerleaders offer advice in the form of Dakota Stanley, a well-known dance instructor that has worked with a rival singing group. But, as you might expect, Quinn and her friends have an agenda for recommending him:

He's as strict as it gets and they are plotting with Sue to bring the club down by forcing everyone to quit.

Finn is already having questions about remaining in it, as he tells Will it isn't very much fun anymore. The teacher can't say much to convince Finn to stay because Will himself has been spending less and less time with his singer. The reason? He's formed his own group, the Acafellas. They consist of himself, Ken, the shop teacher that recently lost both his thumbs and a janitor.

The Acafellas are a major hit around the town and are even asked to sing at a PTA meeting later in the week.

Things aren't going as well for the glee club itself. They must raise $8,000 at a car wash just to hire Dakota Stanley, which at least leads to one of the greatest musical numbers in the show's short history: after asking Kurt out - because she's lonely and, even though he's clearly gay, he's so very nice to her - Mercedes gets her heart broken when Kurt claims he likes Rachel. The result is an amazing rendition of "Bust Your Windows" by the female singer.

Later, as you might expect, Kurt admits the truth to Mercedes: he's gay. But he's never told anyone else that before. She says he ought to embrace who he is.

Once the glee club does raise enough funds to hire Dakota, they realize the mistake they made: this guy is really mean! He even fires Mercedes and Artie on the spot. But enough is enough! Rachel puts her foot down and says the club is special because everyone is different. They don't need some fancy, pompous, short choreographer! This makes Finn happy.

The PTA night comes and the Acafellas are comprised of a couple new members now: the janitor had to drop out. Puck has taken his place, as he tells Ken earlier in the episode that he wants to make a good impression on the single mothers (aka "Cougars) in the audience. The guy is pretty funny.

Also, Sandy has talked his way into the group. The reason? He's learned that Josh Groban is in town and is looking for an opening act for his new tour.

The Acafellas are a major hit on stage, but, alas, they won't be going on tour with Groban. He shows up backstage and acts like a total jerk. He only came by to tell Sandy to stop talking him. Hilarious stuff.

In the end, Will gives up his separate singing gig and goes back to full-time glee instructor. Even the cheerleaders seem to be coming around, as Quinn makes a snide remark to Sue at the conclusion of the episode. We can't wait to see how she responds next week.

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