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We start off right away this week with New Directions laughing over an online video of Sue dancing to "Physical" in a leotard. Kurt found it in her office and is encouraged to put it on YouTube. It goes viral and the entire school is now laughing at Sue. She's mortified.

In a meeting with Will and Figgins, it's also revealed that a "Glist" is making its way around school. This is a ranking of all the glee club members, based on their sexual activities. Figgins orders Will to get to the bottom of it all. He dresses down his choir and says the weekly task is to find a song with a bad reputation and to fix it.

We're then taken to Rachel, who is upset that she is last on the Glist. She has an idea to fix it: Make a video based on the song "Run, Joey, Run," which tells the story of a girl in love, killed by her father because he doesn't approve of her boyfriend. Rachel does so, but uses Puck, Finn and Jesse all in the role of her boyfriend at times. When each finds out, he's pissed about being used in such a manner. Jesse breaks up with Rachel over it.

Kurt, Mercedes, Artie and Tina, meanwhile, wants to be known as bad asses. But even singing in the library and coming clean to Sue about their role in leaking her video don't do the trick. They simply can't get themselves on that list.

Sue is in a good mood over the video because Olivia Newton-John actually called when she saw it on the Web and said she wanted to film a new video with Sue. It's hilarious stuff and makes the pair money. Sue donates her cut to the home in which her sister resides. We see some nice moments between these two.

Elsewhere, there's Emma. She learns about Will kissing Shelby and (literally) sleeping with April because Sue bugged his apartment with baby monitors. She tells Will off. He tries to apologize with flowers and Emma doesn't turn him away completely, but she also has dire words about now being aware of who the real Will is.

In the end, Will figures out that Quinn made the Glist because she's so upset over all the negative changes in her life: no more nice body, popularity, Finn. But he lies and tells Figgins that no one admitted guilt over the list.

Also, Molly Shannon debuted this week as Brenda Castle, a new funny teacher at school.

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Glee Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

As soon as I figure out the difference between slander and libel, I'm suing you.


Student: Hey, Ms. Sylvester, let's get physical.
Sue: Not really my type, but I like that attitude.