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On this week's episode of Glee...

... we quickly met Bryan Ryan, a former social choir participant and new member of the school board. He wanted to slash the budget for the arts and focused on the glee club because he's bitter about never becoming a star. Will did everything in his power to talk Bryan out of this decision, but it took some classic blackmail to get the deed done: after landing the lead in a local production of Les Miserables, Will gave it to Bryan in exchange for the glee club sticking around.

... Artie and Tina had some nice moments together. The former came to the realization that he'll never walk, but that's okay because he can focus on other, attainable dreams. Tina supported him every step of the way.

... we learned that Shelby is Rachel's mother! She used Jesse to get close to Rachel and plant a tape in her memory boxes that would shed some light on her real mother. Shelby was prevented, via contract, from making contact herself with her daughter. But Rachel listened to the tape near the end of the episode and it's safe to assume she'll make the connection very soon. Eek!

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Glee Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Show biz dreams are the most unrealistic of them all.


Dont make that face. Global warming is a theory.