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This week on Glee:

  • SHOCKING! Jesse left Rachel and New Directions and went back to Vocal Adrenaline!  In a moment of anger and revenge, Puck and Finn slash all of Vocal Adrenaline’s car tires, and are forced to work off the debt at Terri’s store.
  • Throughout her pregnancy, Quinn has realized how difficult it is to be different and judged by her peers. In a poignant moment, she confides to Mercedes about being an outcast, and Mercedes invites Quinn to move in with her family and help Quinn work out her anger and hurt.
  • Will tries a new approach to get Sue to stop sabotaging him: seduction.  When he finally gets her interested, he stands her up on their date and Sue is given a dose of her own meanness medicine. Sue is heartbroken and doesn’t come to work for four days (causing anguish for her cheerios who can’t function without her). In a moment of regret Will goes to her home and talks her into returning as cheer coach. She wins regionals, and gives Will the ultimatum of either kissing her (with tongue) or allowing the gigantic regionals trophy a permanent spot in the choir room. Millimeters away from a lip lock, she backs down, and the trophy is installed in a floor-to-ceiling case in the choir room.
  • New Directions decides that the best way to get Vocal Adrenaline back is to give them a little funkification (check out Artie’s quotes for the definition) and VA is invited to McKinley High to hear ND’s latest song. Needless to say, Jesse and VA look scared when they leave.
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Glee Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

I want it to look like Elvis' gold record room at Graceland, except I'll be wanting far few morbidly obese women wandering around.


They call it a funkification, meaning they show us what they've got and we spiral into a deep cloud of funk.