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As usual, the actual plot of this Glee episode paled in comparison to the music and hilarious one-liners.

But it's still worth a quick summary of events from an episode that featured a scheming Terri, a scorned Quinn and a meaner-than-ever Sue...

First, Terri and her sister bribed a doctor to fake a sonogram. Yup, you read that correctly. Will was even in the room when the doctor went through with it, adding that the baby will actually be a girl, not a boy, because that's what Quinn is having. This storyline is still far creepier than it is entertaining.

Meanwhile, the storyline that ran throughout the hour involved an assertive Will against a vengeful Sue. The new co-directors of the glee club were getting along worse than the Bloods and the Crypts. Sue, of course, was planning on breaking up the club and her plot was put into motion when she divided the choir into two sides, taking the minorities with her and creating a riff.

But, come on, music can overcome anything! As their directors screamed at one another, all members of the club walked out. This led to a forced truce between Will and Sue, or so it seemed. Just as Sue was resigning her co-director post, viewers were learning what she was up to: she forced a dorky kid named Jacob to post on his blog that Quinn was pregnant. Sue was pissed that her head cheerleader hadn't confided in her about the situation.

This evil maneuver did at least lead to a great rendition of "Keep Holding On." But it also left Quinn crying to close the episode.

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