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There wasn't much Sue Sylvester this episode, which made us sad. But there was a lot of guest star Kristin Chenoweth... which made us happy!

She guest-starred as April Rhodes, a former glee club star that was three credits shy of graduating and who Will recruited to help the squad win regionals because Rachel was still doing the play instead of the choir.

April is now a full-fledged drunk, but she can seriously carry a tune! She quickly integrated herself into the group by showing Kurt how to drink; Mercedes how to steal; and Puck and company how to... well, enjoy the company of a woman in the shower. They were all excited to have her on board.

Except for Emma, that is. She kept telling Will that April was setting a poor example for the kids and that he had lost track of his priorities.

Finn, meanwhile, was facing a problem of his own: to earn a singing scholarship, go to college and afford to be a father, he needs Rachel back in the club. As a result, he flirted with her more than ever and even invited her on a bowling date. It was a mean trick, but we're pretty sure he has real feelings for her on top of the scheme.

Rachel agreed to quit her play and return to glee, following another kiss between the pair. But no sooner did she walk back into the group than she learned about Quinn's pregnancy and the fact that Finn is the father (even though we all know Puck is). She chewed Finn out about this and he finally came clean about his real reason for coaxing her back into the club. It wasn't enough. Rachel was gone again.

The next day, the club was due to put on a performance for the school. April showed up for it drunk, breaking her promise to Will to remain sober. She went out and sang a rousing rendition of a Carrie Underwood song, but Will stopped her in the hall in between acts. He told her he couldn't let her continue - and she agreed. She said she knew it was no longer her time and she was hogging the spotlight from the kids. April left graciously, and we can only pray the show finds a way to bring Chenoweth back.

Before its final number, though, the club now needed a lead singer. Enter Rachel. She said she was willing to serve as April's understudy and swallowed her ego for a change. She just wanted to be part of the group.

And, with that, the episode ended on the group's version of "Somebody to Love," easily our favorite performance to date. You gotta see it for yourself!

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