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It's a whole new Glee, folks. Here is where season three picked up:

- Will and Emma are very much a couple, sleeping together and everything.

- Sue is running for Congress on the platform of eliminating the arts in public schools.

- Quinn is rebelling, with new friends, a new hair color and a new attitude. She doesn't want to be part of New Directions, though she's caught looking at the group during its final number.

- Rachel and Kurt dream of attending school together in New York, but attend a practice with other local talents and realize how many other impressive singers are out there. They cry for a bit, but realize they just need to work harder and improve their resume. Case in point: Kurt is running for Class President.

- Santana gets kicked out of the club because she is too loyal to the Cheerios, even scheming to set a piano on fire. Will does the firing, showing off a new spine we haven't seen before.

- Mercedes is dating someone new because Sam's dad took a job out of state.

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Glee Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Senior year is all about being the Cheerios top ho and modeling my fierceness after my numero uno Latina, Paul Abdul.


My mom still hasn't decided if I'm going to Harvard or Stanford.