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On Glee Season 6 Episode 4, Sue invites Will to McKinley for lunch, thinking that perhaps now that he's no longer a teacher there they can be friends. When Will leaves a plastic lunch fork on the table, she vows to destroy him once and for all. She also has plans to get Blaine and Kurt back together so that she can be the flower girl at their wedding.

Sue invited Vocal Adrenaline and the Warblers to McKinley for an Invitational which she hopes will crush the spirit of the New Directions. Rachel asks Will to throw the Invitational so that her students don't get discouraged and quit. He tells Rachel he can't do that but sees a picture of Finn hanging in the auditorium and changes his mind. No one sees the drone Sue is using to spy on the happenings inside the auditorium.

Sue hypnotizes Sam to kiss Rachel and then wake up and remember nothing. 

Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine discuss the Invitational order and Blaine insists that the Warblers will go second. He proceeds to grill Rachel and Kurt about whether or not they've been able to fill up their roster since they need 12 to compete at Sectionals when Rachel asks if his group will take it easy on them. He gets a text from Dave that there's an intruder in their apartment and the three of them run to rescue him. Upon arrival, they find a bear cub on the bed.

Sam and Rachel go out for Italian food at Breadsticks for a not-date and decide that they have to keep themselves fresh. They decide to take up piano and ask Blaine to teach them. Sue shows up to their rehearsal and sends them out of the auditorium so that she can sing the first musical number of the night while she terrorizes the school.

Blaine and Karofsky go to Breadsticks and Dave talks about how much he's changed since they were in high school. Just as Blaine is complimenting Dave on his personal growth, the other men in the restaurant begin saying hello to Dave. He knows and has dated all of them. Sue enters with a genealogy report showing that Dave and Blaine are third cousins.

When Rachel has trouble playing piano and says she wants to quit, Sam gives her a pep talk to help show her that she really can play piano if she tries hard enough.

Sue takes her drone footage of Will and Rachel's conversation to the Carmel High School principal, who happens to be Principal Figgins' sister, Abigail Figgins Gunderson. She advises that Gunderson have a conversation with Will to find out where his loyalties reside.

Rachel and Kurt tell the New Directions that they've chosen songs for the Invitational. The team becomes discouraged when they realize the four of them will go up against the two best choirs in the state.

Will goes to Sue to yell at her about causing trouble for him at Carmel and she launches into a tirade which insults Will Schuester to his core. He vows to make certain the New Directions will exist at McKinley long after Sue is gone.

Kurt is in the auditorium talking to Figgins when Blaine comes in looking for Rachel and Sam. Blaine tells Kurt about his date at Breadsticks with Karofsky and they mention how it's great that they can be so adult about their break-up. Kurt tells Blaine that Sue is trying to break Blaine and Karofsky up and then tells Blaine that he has a date. Blaine is shaken by the news.

Rachel and Sam continue their piano lessons and sing a duet of "A Thousand Miles" together. At the end of their song, Sam kisses her and the next day he doesn't remember it. She misinterprets his inability to remember as him being adult about things and she asks him out for coffee. He tells her he can't because he's still in love with Mercedes.

Sue hypnotizes Sam to begin tormenting Will as the second phase of her takedown campaign. 

Kurt meets Walter at Breadsticks and finds out he's in his late 50s and was married to a woman for 33 years and has a couple of kids Kurt's age. They agree to start out as friends.

Will catches Sam stealing her mail and Sam tells Will that Rachel put him up to it so that he'd become distracted and Vocal Adrenaline would do poorly. Will believes he's been a fool.

Before the Invitational, Will tries to pump Vocal Adrenaline up but none of them want to hear anything he has to say. They aren't interested in his motivational speeches and one of them actually says "we don't like you." While Vocal Adrenaline perform, the other groups are mortified and terrified. 

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Glee Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Kurt: I do not want to get back together with Blaine. I've moved on. I met someone online. His name is Walter.
Sue: Oh, Porcelain, no. No no no no. You will not come out of this alive. This person is obviously a cannibal. I mean, look at you. You are exceptionally well-marbled. If I were on a deserted island with everybody I knew, I would absolutely eat you first. It doesn't even have to be a deserted island. There could be any number of casual dining establishments and I would still opt to eat you--a mouthwatering, delicious, corn-fed, porcelain rump roast.

Sam: What do you do in your free time?
Rachel: Hmmm...besides cry?

Glee Season 6 Episode 4 Music

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Glee cast bitch Bitch Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast a thousand miles A Thousand Miles Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast rock lobster Rock Lobster Glee Cast iTunes