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On Glee Season 6 Episode 5, Sue's Invitational continues with Sue declaring a rule change after Vocal Adrenaline performs their set. She also extends the competition to three days so that the New Directions can find 8 more members. Kurt wants to enlist Kitty's help and Rachel is conflicted.

Kurt sees Walter again and decides they're dating. Sue shows up at Breadsticks and ruins their date by pointing out the difference between their age. Her plan backfires when Walter stands up to her, calling her old.

Sue and Becky meet in the Hurt Locker to play videos of Klaine at various moments in their relationship. Becky points out repeatedly that it looks like Kurt and Blaine don't even like each other and Sue continues on about how they are destined to be together. She plots to trap them together in a small, confined space.

At McKinley, Rachel has learned everything about Kitty in order to entice her to join the glee club. She refuses seeing the New Directions as a dead end and says that she did love performing but she feels deserted by her friends and ruined by Sue. 

Blaine and Kurt walk to the auditorium together and find an elevator in the hallway which they believe to be new to the school. It's actually a fake elevator Sue planted in order to trap them together. 

Rachel and Sam can't find Kurt and Blaine, but Sue forces the show to go on without them. The Warblers perform "My Sharona" without their coach. Kitty walks in during their performance, which Rachel and Sam watch in disbelief, feeling hopeless for the New Directions.

Sue hypnotizes Sam again, handing him a set list for the New Directions which she believes will sink them for good.

Rachel files a missing person's report for Kurt but the officer doesn't take her seriously when he learns who she is. Sam delivers the sheet music Sue gave him and then professes his love for Rachel, which confuses her. He tells her there are gaps in his memory and she returns the sheet music. 

Blaine and Kurt, trapped in the elevator, begin to argue about things like charging cell phones when an evil Sue doll rolls into the elevator on a tricycle. The doll says they can suffocate and die or make out. Then a picnic basket with a romantic dinner rolls in. 

Kitty agrees to join the glee club and then helps Rachel break in to Sue's office so they can find Sue's favorite songs. 

Sam enters the locker room to find Spencer planning plays because he thinks he'll be starting quarterback since Bieste is gone. Sam says quarterbacks are leaders, not cowards. Sam invokes Finn's memory to convince Spencer to take a chance on the glee club. 

The choir director of the deaf glee club is now a police officer. He accuses Rachel of kidnapping Blaine and Kurt while he's packaging up her personal belongings. When the New Directions disagree with her decision to alter the set list, Kitty stands up for Rachel. Spencer walks in and joins the glee club.

Kurt and Blaine fall asleep after spending the night in the elevator as friends. 

Will and Rachel discuss her pre-show jitters and he says it's hard to coach kids who don't like you. Rachel doesn't have that problem at the moment. After their heart to heart, they realize Sue has been playing games with them using Sam as her henchman.

Kurt and Blaine play a makeshift game of Headbanz and take a walk down memory lane. Kurt uses their time together to help Blaine come up with his answers but Blaine ends up talking about Karofsky, which makes Kurt sick and sad.

Sue fills the elevator with an aphrodisiac. 

The New Directions take the stage singing Sue's emotionally vulnerable songs. While the music plays, Blaine and Kurt discuss hooking up, no strings attached, just so Sue will let them out. They kiss and it's obviously more than just a kiss. The elevator doors open and they run to the auditorium.

As the new New Directions take the stage, Will dances in his seat and Rachel looks on with pride. Sue is shocked.

The Warblers are given third place in the Invitational and Vocal Adrenaline take home a bedazzled bowling pin trophy. The New Directions are the winners, even though they only have 6 members, and even though they say on stools and sang in unison.

The Vocal Adrenaline lead senior vows revenge on Will for what he sees as a personal failure on Will's part to lead them to victory. Sue apologizes to Will for her vendetta and says that hearing the New Directions sing has purged her of her anger. But she's still upset about the fork.

When Blaine and Kurt confront Sue about locking them in an elevator, Sue blames Becky. Blaine says that all her plan did was force them to realize they're better off as friends. She doesn't believe them. 

Sue and Becky visit the hurt locker one more time and Becky says Sue's plan didn't work. Sue's not finished yet.

When the new New Directions feel like their trophy isn't so wonderful, Kitty tells them all that they're never allowed to disparage their hard work again. 

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Glee Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

[to Kurt and Walter] Shall we start with something to drink? Perhaps a Shirley Temple in a sippy cup for Sonny. And how about a chalky Ensure, enriched with calcium to fortify those brittle bones?


Rachel: I was so intent on being a Broadway star that I never even learned her name. Any of their names. There was Puck's brother, cross-dressing Mercedes, and the one with the fat mom, and and Rayder.
Kurt: Rider.
Rachel: See?

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