On Glee Season 6 Episode 6, Brittany asks Artie to be her wedding planner. Watch Glee online now to see Rachel Berry hit the stage again.

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On Glee Season 6 Episode 6, Mercedes tries to convince Rachel to audition for a Broadway show. Watch Glee online to see the lengths to which Mercedes will go to get her friend back up on the stage and singing again. It involves many, many Burt Bacharach numbers. Burt Bacharach was the assignment for the week but the New Directions didn't actually sing any of the songs. Except that Mason kid sang a few measures of "Arthur's Theme." And Roderick put on a top hat and tails. Not his best look. Mercedes also wants Sam and Rachel to date so that is definitely a thing that's going to happen. Brittany and Santana are also going to be getting married, but Santana's abuela won't be there. She doesn't approve of gay marriage but Brittany and Santana don't care. They know that family are the people we choose and no just those to whom we're related. During an ensemble scene of a party at Schuester's house there was a redhead who never faced the camera. Guess they couldn't get Jayma Mays to come and film one scene with no lines. So sad.

Episode Details

On Glee Season 6 Episode 6, Mercedes returns in the hopes of convincing Rachel to go after her Broadway dreams while Santana and Brittany handle a family issue.

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Glee Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Well, I'm all for what you're doing here as long as it's a part of the Rachel Berry Rebuilding Project because sooner or later you're going to have to go back to where you belong. New York. Broadway.


Look, I'll admit it, Rachel, I have a little thing for you, and with a nudge or two it could probably grow into a big thing, but there's like a huge part of me that has a huge thing for Mercedes.


Glee Season 6 Episode 6 Music

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Glee cast ill never fall in love again I'll Never Fall In Love Again Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast baby its you Baby It's You Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast wishin and hoping Wishin' and Hoping Glee Cast iTunes