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After Miles shares the God Account with his father, he's surprised to see the new friend request is Aaron, a man who recently lost his wife and belongs to his father's church. 

He's even more surprised to find out that Aaron is Hanna's father, the girl that was caught shop-lifting perfume which Miles offered to pay for so the clerk wouldn't call the cops. 

Though Arthur tells Miles to stay away from parishioners, Miles trusts the God Account wouldn't send him something just to mess with him. 

When the Account suggests a restaurant at Coney Island, Miles asks his father to join him and see it play itself out in real time. 

When they arrive at Coney Island, Arthur is shocked to see Hanna sitting by herself. 

Miles approaches her and the girl reveals that her father brought her to get a treat to tell her they are moving away. 

She admits that she doesn't want to move, however, when Miles calls her dad over so she can tell him the truth, she lies.

Aaron tells Miles to stay away from his family and Arthur scolds Miles for meddling telling him that Aaron knows what's best for his daughter. 

Unable to hold back his emotions, Miles tells his father that Aaron doesn't know what's best for his grieving daughter because Arthur didn't know what was best for him. 

Miles admits that when he was eight-years-old he desperately wanted to ride one of the coasters at Coney Island, but he wasn't tall enough. 

His mother promised to take him for his ninth birthday but passed beforehand. 

His father was too preoccupied with "trusting God's plan" to notice and thus, Miles' resentment built until one day he stopped praying. 

Arthur is disappointed to find out he unwillingly made his son an atheist. 

Miles goes through some of Aaron's donations to goodwill and recognizes the perfume bottle. 

He realizes that Hanna doesn't want to forget her mother, which Aaron is making her do, she desperately wants to remember her which is why she stole her mother's perfume scent in the first place. 

When Aaron finally accepts it and talks to Hanna, they have a tearful heart-to-heart about how much the miss their mom. 

Meanwhile, Arthur apologizes to Miles about not being there for him and they finally ride the coaster since he's "tall enough."

Cara is on the fence about her relationship with Eli and everyone around her can tell she's not fully invested in it. 

Instead of breaking things off, she proposes that they go on a weekend trip. 

As she spends the day tracking down Falken's real identity, Henry Chase, with Rakesh, they meet with a former journalist who gave up her career for love.

Cara realizes she doesn't want to settle in her prime, especially not with a man she doesn't love, so she breaks it off with Eli. 

He asks her if it's about Miles, but she assures him that it's about herself. 

Meanwhile, all of Henry Chase's papers talk about predictive analytics. 

Rakesh realizes Falken has been leaving them breadcrumbs all along with each "suggested friends" location filling out the Fibonacci Spiral on the map. 

They have one more point meaning one more friend request until they pinpoint Falken's location.

Does Miles even want to know who is behind it?

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Cara: Are you sure you don't recognize the name Henry Chase?
Miles: No. Why?
Cara: Well, if he is behind the God account then there must be some connection. A reason why he chose you.

Arthur: I recognize the good your brother is doing and, of course, I want him out in the world helping people. I just wish. . .
Ali: What?
Arthur: It was done for reasons that are closer to home.
Ali: You mean God and not the God Account.