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Last we saw, Rakesh and Miles were hot on the trail of Falken. But when they got to his parent's house, they found Pria there instead. 

Pria finally told them the truth -- she and Falken were lovers in college. 

They had planned to spend their whole lives together until one day he disappeared.

When she saw their piece about the firewall, she recognized Falken's code and knew they'd gotten closer to finding Henry than she ever had. 

She cloned Rakesh's phone and mirrored it hoping they would lead her to Falken. 

She believes that the God Account brought them together for a reason and since she sounds credible, they take her up on the offer.

Miles gets another suggestion from the God Account, though this time it's a link to a GoFundMe Page for a doctor building a hearing device. 

As Miles and Cara go track down their lead, Dr. Heidi James, Rakesh and Pria get to cracking the code. 

After chatting with Heidi and realizing she's a carrier for the sickness she's building the device for, they also find out she was adopted.

Cara believes that instead of helping Heidi raise her GoFundMe money, the God Account wants them to help her locate her birth parents which doesn't sit well with Miles as Heidi seemed rather content with not knowing them.

On their way out, they see that Henry, Pria, and a man named Simon Hayes once received the most prestigious award for computer science from the school. 

And sure enough, when Miles and Cara call Rakesh to tell him Pria was lying, he realizes she made off with his USB drive. 

Cara returns to Heidi to inform her that they located her baby bracelet to the place she was abandoned at -- Miles' father's church. 

Heidi calls it a "crazy coincidence," but in this show, there's no such thing. 

Arthur is elated to meet Heidi as he was there when her parents dropped her off. 

He says that though they loved her, they were really young and their parents threatened to kick them out if they kept her. 

He also remembers their names: Cynthia and Michael Yang. 

As luck would have it, Miles is able to track down an address through IdentitySeal and before you know it, Cara and Heidi are on their way to meet her real parents. 

Sadly, Heidi was about two-weeks late as the woman who answered the door told them that the Yangs died in a car accident not too long ago. 

Cara regrets pushing Heidi towards finding her parents, but when the donations on the GoFundMe Page begin pouring in, she realizes there's a comment from a woman named Mary Yang who says the gene runs in her family. 

Cara and Miles get in touch with Mary and introduce her to Heidi. 

Turns out, she might not have met her birth parents, but she met a long-lost sister she never knew she had. 

Mary isn't a carrier, however, her deaf little girl (Heidi's niece) is. 

Meanwhile, Rakesh is able to find Pria's location. 

When they arrive at her apartment, they are blown away by the size and views. 

She apologizes for lying and admits that the reason Henry disappeared was because she went into business with Simon Hayes and they both became tech billionaires.

Shortly after, Pria tells Miles that she found something while looking at the data that she should have seen all along. 

She hopes her new clue will lead her right to Henry. If it does, she promised to call Miles and let him know. 

Back at work, Rakesh is trying to find whatever clue Pria discovered when the boss tells them the company has been sold to none other than Simon Hayes. 

Miles throws Cara a surprise birthday party at her mother's request. 

When Nia sees how caring Miles is towards Cara she breaks up with him because he's unable to seperate "church and state."

With yet another person telling him that it's obvious he's in love with Cara, Miles starts to wonder if they're onto something. 


God Friended Me
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