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For the first time ever, the God account suggested someone Miles already knew -- his Uncle T. 
Uncle T tried to deny his problems at first, only telling Miles he and his wife, Lena, were headed towards a divorce. 
Everyone told Miles to stay out of it, however, Miles knew the God account suggested him for a reason. He had to help. 
When he visited the construction site, he found all of Uncle T’s workers leaving. 
“I’m broke,” Uncle T told Miles before detailing that he’d given up everything to make his dream come true. He maxed out credit cards, depleted his personal funds, and ruined his relationship in the process.
Miles believes they can still turn things around, but Uncle T tells him no bank will give him a loan. 
The next day, he goes to seek out help from his father and is surprised to find Uncle T at the church in good spirits. 
He tries to question his uncle about their former conversation, but Uncle T assures them both that he simply hit a pothole in the road. “Everything is fine,” he tells Miles. 
However, Miles’ gut feeling told him that everything wasn’t fine. 
A quick call to Rakesh reveals that Uncle T stole money from his father’s church fund to the tune of $600 thousand dollars.
During the groundbreaking ceremony on the children’s center, Miles forces his Uncle to tell Arthur the truth. 
Arthur doesn’t even seem surprised because “Terrence has done this before,” only with a smaller sum of money. 
The first time around, Arthur covered it up but this time, he has to report it to the board.
Uncle T begs his brother to give him a day to fix things.
Miles tracks down Aunt Lena before she leaves Upstate to find out who Uncle T might be borrowing money from. 
She tells him about a dangerous guy from the neighborhood who loaned him money last time. 
Miles and Arthur track Uncle T down to a brunch spot and urge him not to take money that comes with grave consequences. 
Arthur tells Miles there’s no way he’s going to let his brother go to jail for embezzlement and decides to plead his case the board. If they agree, he promises to pay back all the money by selling his house. 
Miles believes there has to be another way, however, Arthur is convinced. He tells his children that he owes Terrence a “debt” as he motivated him to continue his work in the ministry. 
And he made good on his promise to be there for Arthur every Sunday as he sat in the first pew. 
At the board meeting, Uncle T arrives to tell the board about his mistake and shows them that he’s already returned all the money. 
Much to Miles’ relief, he got the money by selling his remaining shares of the property to the bank. 
He tells Miles that despite always looking up to him, he really should be looking up to Arthur. 
Uncle T heads upstate to win back his wife and in his absence, Miles takes his spot at Sunday’s mass which delights his father and sister.
Meanwhile, Rakesh calls his friend Lemonhead Lucy to help him crack the God account’s firewall.
When she’s unable to, they decide to lure the hacker, who they assume is Falken, by posting the code. 
Cara father, Jeffrey, comes to town and confronts her about her relationship with her estranged mother. 
Cara admits she didn’t tell him because she didn’t want to upset him, but he read her blog and knew everything. 
Cara suggests that they do a family dinner which doesn’t go over so well when Cara finds out that her father was the one who kept her away from her mother. 
Her mother tells her to put aside her anger because her dad picked up the slack when she left. 
When Cara confronts Jeffrey, he apologizes and tells her he did what he thought was best. Considering her mother had lied multiple times about being sober, he thought keeping her away would prevent Cara from getting hurt. 
God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Can I just say something? It is truly refreshing to see someone else spiral. So thank you.


Ali: Marriages don't end on a whim, Miles.
Miles: Your point?
Ali: That there's obviously something else going on that we don't know about. Things that they don't want us to know about.