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Miles discovers that the God account has finally unfriended him and despite Cara and Rakesh's warnings, sees it as an opportunity to get his life back.
He learns pretty quickly that helping people is addicting, and he chases down a friend suggestion made by the account before it dissapeared off the grid.
Miles realizes he has one friend in common with Rachel Blake and asks Melvin for some insight.
Melvin tells Miles that Rachel's sister Emma died in a car accident just last month and the vigil is being held tonight.
Miles attends the vigil and listens to Rachel blame herself for her sister's death.
She's upset that the hero, Joe, pulled her from the car instead of Emma.
He checks up on her at the local bar and when she's had a few too many, walks her home. 
Inside her apartment, he notices intricate drawings which she says are all representative of the car accident.
She tells him she's having trouble moving on because the last conversation with her sister was filled with anger and resentment.
Miles tracks down Joe to find out what really happened that night, but when he begins questioning him, he realizes Joe is lying about his role as the hero. He wasn't the man who pulled Rachel out of the vehicle.
Miles heads over to his father's Soup Kitchen which is just around the corner from where the accident happened and finds out Joe used to frequent the establishment. 
Uncle T tells Miles that Joe is actually volunteering right now, so Miles confronts him outside and he admits to being the first person on the scene but not actually pulling Rachel out. 
Cara does some journalistic digging and finds out that Emma pulled her sister to safety, went back to the car to dial 9-1-1 and succumbed in the explosion. 
When Miles tells Rachel that her last minutes with her sister were filled with love, she’s an emotional wreck.
She later meets him before her AA meeting to thank him for his help.
As a token of her appreciation, she sends him an email with artwork she drew for his podcast.
Miles has a heart-to-heart with his father about faith and his calling.
Arthur tells him he didn't always want to join the ministry but he knew it wasn't a choice.
Miles is convinced that the God account is his calling and he decides to help out selflessly which impresses "God" and he restores the account. 
In a surprising turn of events, Miles is the one friending God this time.
Jaya and Rakesh’s families meet for the first time over dinner and in stereotypical fashion, try to outshine and impress each other.
Eventually, Jaya’s mother reveals that her daughter is heading to Minnesota as she got accepted into the Mayo Clinic.
Rakesh freaks out since Jaya didn’t tell him about any of it, although, she did try to before dinner while pushed it off to "later."
Ali finally tells Rakesh he’s being self-centered because he didn’t even tell Jaya how proud he is of her. 
To make up for his actions, Rakesh throws Jaya a surprise party to celebrate her big opportunity. 
Meanwhile, Cara goes on a coffee date with ex-boyfreidn Eli.
He tells her he was really affected by the breakup so much so he ditched business suits for landscape architecture.
Cara is impressed and it definitely seems like she's considering giving him another chance. 
God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

These are real people with real problems. And every single time I help one of them I think about what would have happened if I failed.


Yeah, see anybody can get a calling. But why you answer, that's the real question.

Uncle Terrence