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Miles, Rakesh, and Cara meet Audrey Grenelle to get answers about her painting "The Path."

When she puts aside her skepticism, Audrey explains that her show in Paris was all done by an AI program. 

"The Path" is the only painting that was created when someone (the God Account) hacked her system. 

Unfortunately, she doesn't know the passcode to crack the code either. 

Miles and Cara follow the God Account's suggestion to a thrift shop where they find a winning lottery ticket inside the purse. 

The prize amount? A million dollars which expires tomorrow. 

Rakesh helps them track down a winner named Sameer Patel. 

But when they knock on Sameer's door, he isn't excited to see them. 

"I want nothing to do with that," he tells them before shutting the door. 

They do a little bit more research on Sameer and realize his girlfriend, Mira Gupta, passed away. 

When they visit his law firm, they learn that they are in financial debt and Sameer's pro bono cases aren't helping. 

Sameer isn't pleased to see them, again, but entertains them anyways and tells them the winning ticket messed with his karma. 

He didn't buy the ticket, he found it one day and signed it in hopes of cashing it much to his girlfriend's objections. 

On his way to the convenience store, Mira was hit and killed by a car. 

Since then, a string of bad luck plagued him which he says is karma. 

He wanted to track down the rightful owner to restore his karma but never managed to. 

Cara and Miles offer to help and utilize Rakesh's skills. 

Sameer misses an important legal meeting and his brother lets their assistant Judy go and shut down the company. 

With time running out, Sameer comes clean to his brother about the winning ticket and he orders him to sign it over to him so that they can save the firm and their father's legacy. 

And if he doesn't, it's a guarantee that they'll no longer be brothers. 

Miles attempts to stall for a little bit and eventually, they track down dashcam footage of the winner: Judy. 

Sameer refuses to cash the check -- he believes the only way to restore his karma is to sign it over to Judy. 

When they get to Judy's house, they find her unconscious on the floor. 

The doctor at the hospital later credits Sameer with saving her life following a brain aneurysm. If he hadn't arrived when he did, Judy wouldn't have made it. 

Everyone informs Sameer that despite losing the million bucks his karma has been restored. 

Meanwhile, Arthur is in denial about his relationship with Trish. 

Ali struggles with her thesis after her professor says it's disappointing and disengaged. 

She realizes that it's possible she's not certain about her career path anymore. 

She turns to Pastor Olivia for advice and she convinces her to speak her worries to the congregation. 

As Ali takes to the altar, she gains clarity and realizes maybe her calling is to be a Pastor. 

Arthur is inspired by his daughter and reaches out to Trish to fix things. 

Cara finally tells Miles that she loves him while Rakesh realizes his "fake relationship" with Jaya isn't as secure as he thought as she's going on dinner dates with men that her parents have set her up with. 

Towards the end of the episode, Miles realizes Judy's hospital bracelet has 11 numbers and enters it as the passcode to decode "The Path."

And it works. 

The code inside the painting reveals a house. As Cara recognizes it, it's not just any house, it's the house they first visited while trying to track down the identity of the God Account. 

But why did it send them this photo now?

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

You have a calling. And I thought I did too, but now, I'm not so sure.


Oh, a ticking clock. The God Account is upping its game. I like it.