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Miles has dinner with Cara's family and meets her stepfather, Paul, for the first time. 

While things seem picture-perfect, Miles becomes concerned when he gets a friend suggestion for Paul. 

Cara is hesitant about following it, but Miles knows that the God Account never does anything without a reason. 

When they confront Paul, he admits to having some problems at work but assures them it's nothing. 

Cara believes him, but Miles follows his gut and Paul to his upcoming meeting, which is where he runs into Cara, who is tracking down her Jonathan Carter, the suspect of her insider trading on Wall Street expose with Adam. 

Cara is shocked to see that the person Carter is meeting is her stepfather, but she gives him the benefit of the doubt. 

When they confront him, Paul assures her that he's not doing anything wrong, so Cara agrees to kill the story. 

Miles tries to talk her out of it, but Cara doesn't want to hear it. 

When she tells Adam that they have to kill the story, Adam says he received an anonymous tip, which Cara knows was Miles. 

She's furious with him for going behind her back, but he tells her they have to trust the God Account. 

Paul attempts to flee the country in order to protect his wife and daughter. 

Cara convinces him not to because they will only make things worse, and after much debate, he listens to her advice. 

When he turns himself in, the FBI agrees to lessen his sentence thanks to his cooperation. 

Still, Cara and her family aren't pleased that Miles let it get this far. 

Cara informs him that he chose the God Account over her. Will they find a way to get over this?

Rakesh was moping around following his breakup with Jaya, and his meeting with the CEO of Identity Seal didn't go over well when she told him his team's apps were " uninspired."

But soon, he was embracing the heartache as he planned an app that found soulmates. 

Bishop Arthur made his first big decision when he fired Reverend Elis from the council board. 

Elias told him to step down because of his "less traditional" values, which was an attack not only on Arthur's vision but his family. 

Trish convinced him that getting rid of Elias was the right thing to do, and she also promised to become more involved with the church. 

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Paul: How do people usually react when you tell them?
Cara: I mean no one ever thinks they need help, but they always do.

Arthur Finer: You know, when God ordered Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, it didn't end with his son's death. It was a test to see what Abraham was willing to sacrifice.
Miles: Yeah, but this isn't God.
Arthur: No, but maybe the idea of giving up love is whoever is behind the God Account's version of a test.